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In the Kitchen Recap

sm mother hen in the kitchen

In the Kitchen Recap

Week 9 of our Mother Hen’s Summer Survival Guide has come to an end! We hope you enjoyed In the Kitchen week as much as we did! You can find all the books, recipes, projects, and crafts from In the Kitchen Week below, as well as a link back to our Mother Hen’s Summer Survival Guide 2015 with 12 themed weeks.

Cooking-in-the-Kitchen books for kids

In the Kitchen Books

Marshmallow Fairy Wands - a fun cooking the the kitchen activity

Marshmallow Fairy Wands


Baked Donuts

Gather the kids around the kitchen table to craft adorable mini Felt Pizzas! Let them add sauce, cheese and their favorite toppings - no oven required!

Mini Felt Pizzas

In the Kitchen with Kids - Recipes and Printables - My kids love to help in the kitchen. These ideas are great!

In the Kitchen Recipes and Printables

mother hen intro 3

Find all 12 weeks of themed activities, printables, recipes, and books in our Mother Hen’s Summer Survival Guide!

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