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Monster Face Oreo Pops

Monster Face Oreo Pops! These kid friendly Halloween treats are SO adorable and easy to make!

Grab the kiddos and 5 simple ingredients and make these no-so-scary Monster Face Oreo Pops!

Kids can help with every step of these easy no-bake Monster Face Oreo Pops!

Eeeek! I love Halloween! And I can’t wait to share these adorably goofy no-bake Halloween treats with you! If we haven’t met yet, I am Keri from Shaken Together where I share easy recipes from breakfast to dessert and everything in between!

These Monster Face Oreo Pops are so easy that other than melting the chocolate, the little hands in your kitchen can help with every step from dipping to decorating!

Here are the 5 ingredients/supplies you’ll need:

  • Oreo cookies
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Green and purple candy melts
  • Large and small candy eyes
  • Sprinkles, jimmies, colored sugar

First, we need to make the Oreo pops. Slide a popsicle stick into the creme center of the cookie and then gently squeeze the cookie together to keep the stick in place. Easy peasy.

Monster Face Oreo Pops - start with making the Oreo Pops using popsicle sticks

Once the candy melts are melted according to package directions, it’s time to dip! I like to use a plastic spoon to spoon the melted chocolate over the cookies.

Use a plastic spoon to spoon melted candy melts over Oreos - step 2 of Monster Face Oreo Pops!

Tip: Use a popsicle stick to clear the excess chocolate off the surface and edges of the cookie to create a nice flat surface.

A popsicle stick is a useful tool to create a smooth surface on each Oreo Pops - Monster Face Oreo Pops!

These wouldn’t be Monster Face Oreo Pops with the faces … use candy eyes and sprinkles to give these monsters some character!

I love that little purple guy with the sprinkle hair and the one-eyed guy with all the sprinkle polka dots. Seriously, I could sprinkle all the things!!

How CUTE are these Monster Face Oreo Pops?!

P.S. Allow the Oreo pops to set before handling – since the black coloring on the eyes will run a little if they chill and them warm to room temperature, I would not recommend putting them in the fridge to set up. {Cough, cough, speaking from experience, cough, cough.}

Since these are so simple, these Monster Face Oreo Pops would be a great kid friendly activity for a Halloween party, classroom party or monster themed birthday.

Monster Face Oreo Pops! These kid friendly Halloween treats are SO adorable and easy to make!

To give them as gifts, simply place one of the Monster Face Oreo Pops in a small cellophane bag and tie it closed with a ribbon or twine. If you’re really ambitious, I bet your trick or treaters would LOVE to find one of these Monster Face Oreo Pops in their bags 🙂

Monster Face Oreo Pops! These kid friendly Halloween treats are SO adorable and easy to make!

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