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Potted Grass from Pink Parlor Designs {Spring Fever Series}

YES, it’s our friend Amy from Pink Parlor Designs. You may recognize the name from the popular tents she sells. She is awesome. Welcome Amy!

Let’s admit it, Spring is the best! The anticipation of spring blooms, summer picnics, and flip flops! In our home we basically live outdoors beginning in the spring and don’t want to come inside until the new school year starts up again. While being outside we love to do our fair share of gardening.

The first signs of spring however start with our family tradition of planting our own Easter grass. It’s a quick, easy, fun, project that your little ones can help with. Yes it makes a mess for about 12 minutes, yes you will want to sweep up immediately and think you could have done this in about 4 minutes by yourself but that’s not the point. The fun in this is watching them learn and test their patience over the next few weeks of watching their grass grow. You can do this……together.

First step is getting your supplies. You need your favorite soil, grass seed (I prefer Kentucky Blue Grass) pots or vases, water, and sun! For this years grass I decided I wanted to use different types of glass, metals, etc. I went to the local Deseret Industries and found a old cake pan that I thought would be prefect!




It’s pretty simple and fun and that’s why it’s perfect to have little ones help out. Fill your pots with soil leaving about 1 1/2 inches from the top. Put a thick layer of seeds on top of the soil, covering all the soil. Add about 1/2 inch of soil to the top, covering the seeds! Immediately water and you will water 2 times a day until your grass has come in fully. Then you can cut back watering once a day. (Another job the little hands can do) Put them to  work, they love it! They love the responsibility of a task, they love feeling like they are contributing, they love the fun in watching something they helped with grow!




You should start to see your grass pop up within about a week and a half. Don’t get frustrated, be patient! Because trust me once it comes in your going to have grass everywhere!!! This also is a fun craft if you’ve ever had the desire to be a hair stylist because you will get to put your trimming skills to the test when you can cut the grass and give it a fresh trim. As it gets closer to Easter I love to add Easter eggs to the grass as décor. Have fun and get planting!



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