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Printable Coloring Tablecloths and Posters

I’m a little obsessed with printing huge coloring pages right now! I know that adult coloring books are really popular, but I think what is even better than solo coloring is when you can have a large enough coloring page that many people can work on it together. There is something relaxing about coloring and it allows a small group a chance to keep their hands busy and still carry on conversations with each other.

coloring posters and tablecloths

We took large coloring pages to Girls Camp this year that we mounted onto sheets of plywood with spray adhesive and they were the girls favorite place to hang out. Whenever there was down time they would gather around the coloring sheets. It was such a great way to keep their hands busy while still being a relaxing and calming activity.

Having the posters mounted on plywood let us move the posters on and off the table easily and also provide a hard surface to color on. Since the grooves of the picnic table would have made it difficult. To mount the posters you’ll need:

  • Spray adhesive, we used Scotch Super 77
  • Wood or foam board to mount onto
  • Squeegee for removing air bubbles
  • Print
  • Friend to help

Engineering prints are a great (inexpensive!) way to have these large posters printed. I use Staples, but most print shops offer engineering prints.


Mounting a Print

You’ll want to take this outside, because the adhesive spray is messy. Think spraying glue all over your house. And the fumes are very strong. You’ll also want another person helping you. Thanks to his college job, my husband is great at making sure the print goes on evenly and smoothy.

First, spray the backer with adhesive spray.

Second, hold the corners of the print and start with one edge, slowly setting the print down and smoothing out as you go to be sure you remove all the air bubbles.

coloring posters

Free Printable Coloring Posters

I’ve created 4 different coloring posters in 2 different sizes that you can use as tablecloths or posters. Select the size you want and download using the download button under the image. Once the image is downloaded you can upload and order your copy as an engineering print from a print shop of your choice.

Floral Coloring Tablecloth

Download Black

Floral Coloring Poster

Download Black

Feather Coloring Tablecloth

Download Black

Feather Coloring Poster

Download Black

Tribal Coloring Table Cloth

Download Black

Tribal Coloring Poster

Download Black

Frame Coloring Table Cloth

Download Black

Frame Coloring Poster

Download Black


We also have coloring tablecloths for Halloween and Thanksgiving!



To learn more about Coloring For Adults, don’t miss THIS post from DIY Candy.



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  1. Have you heard that Staples is now saying that they won’t print anything on their engineering print paper if it is not specifically a blueprint or construction plans? It seems that they have learned about people discovering this hack and have decided to shut it down.

    1. Oh man! That’s the worst! I’ve still been able to get mine to print them, but I’m sure it will start making it around all the stores. We have a copy place called Alphagraphics and we’ve started using them more for our prints. I’d just call around and find some place that will do them for you for a good price.

  2. Love these! I am going to look around your site some more. I work at a High School and we are looking to print off some of these for the kids to color here and there and then we are going to hang them up. Thank you

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