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Printable Coloring Placemats

printable coloring placemats

Last week, I shared printable coloring sheets large enough to be tablecloths, and today I’m sharing coloring pages on a little smaller scale. Like the tablecloths, there are 4 different styles of printable coloring placemats that you can download below.

How to Print

To print large scale prints like these, you’ll need to go through a print shop. Choosing to have them printed as black and white engineering prints is the cheapest option. This is the 18 x 24-inch size and will cost under $2 a page to be printed.


Printable Coloring Placemats

Create place settings for party guests by layering their name on top of the coloring page along with other supplies they will be using throughout the party.



Feather Printable Placemat

Download Black

Floral Coloring Placemat

Download Black

Tribal Coloring Placemat

Download Black

Frame Coloring Placemat

Download Black

Find the poster and tablecloth sized versions here.

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