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Back to School Printable

Back to School Printable

Hello fellow Crafting Chicks. I’m Michelle from Michelle Lea Creative. I’m so sad that the summer has went by so fast. Our family moved cross country in June and I feel like I’m still catching up and learning how to wean myself off of my gps…. which means, I’ve ended up lost a few times… but that’s ok. Can you believe it’s almost time for Back to School. Target is stocked up with school supplies and my daughter has been begging to start her shopping. I wish that I could keep my babies home all the time and they would never grow up. Mostly because it means that I am getting older and will have more gray hairs, which wasn’t supposed to be happening in my thirties.

Every school year, I start out with goals and dreams of organization and being the stellar, crafty and AMAZING Mom. Then two weeks later, there I am racing to school while digging for a piece of paper… anything to write a note to the teacher on… cause the moments that you need to write a note usually aren’t planned weeks in advance. After scribbling notes on the back of a McDonald’s receipt, I decided that I needed a better plan to make it appear that I have it all together. Hooray and I’m sharing it with you today!

Back to School Printable

The awesome school note that makes it quicker and easier to communicate with your children’s teachers. I’ve included three color options as well as a blank version for those more in depth note needs. You can download the notes HERE.

notes full

I truly hope that you enjoy these and that they streamline your school year routine. Drop by @michelleleacreative on Instagram to say hi or visit me at my website. Enjoy the last days of summer.


Back to School Printable

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  1. Stylish, useful, and wonderful as always! You make the best stuff. Off to visit the website now, maybe I’ll order for some stocking stuffers!

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