Spider Web Yarn Kid Craft

Spider Web Yarn Kid Craftsm spider web 6Sharing a fun kid craft just in time for Halloween. This spider web yarn kid craft is sure to be a hit at those class halloween parties. The spider web yarn kid craft is inexpensive, easy to make, and will help little ones practice their fine motor skills while making a spooky craft to decorate with.sm spider web 3 What you will need for Spider Web Yarn Kid Craft:

Popsicle sticks (3 for each web)

Hot glue gun and hot glue

White Yarn (about 2 yards for each web)

Plastic spider rings
sm spider web 2 Begin by hot gluing the 3 sticks to each other at the center. This should look like the photo above, with each end evenly spaced out.
sm spider web 1Then, tie one yarn end to one popsicle stick near the center. Begin wrapping. This is so simple. Hold the web in one hand, and while turning, wrap the yarn over each stick. Go over and under, and then onto the next stick, over and under. Repeat this until your web is full.

When your web is full, tie a knot on the web with the remaining yarn. You can either clip this off or leave it as a dangling web.

Then add some plastic spiders! Such a fun craft for the little ones.

Sharing a quick video tutorial too:

sm spider web 5

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