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Summer Fun Chart!


I’m excited to share my SUMMER FUN CHART again this year. This is the 4th year i’ve been doing this with my kids and it’s really a tool my me AND the kids. I love that it reminds us of the things we might want to do this summer and it also gives us so many options so nobody can EVER say that they are board. I start the list in early Spring and anytime I think of a new idea, I add it to my Summer Google Doc and eventually I have a full list. I also look at the list from last year and pull in a bunch of things we want to try again.

This is the list I came up with for our family:





1. Go Camping 2. Summer Vacation 3. Girl’s Camp 4. Youth Conference 5. Orange Leaf 6. Snow Shack 7. Favorite Water Park 8. Favorite Swimming Pool 9. Michelle & Jake’s House 10. Music in the Park 11. Movies on the House 12. Gigantic Outdoor Candyland 13. Visit a Taco Truck 14. Rent a Cotton Candy Machine 15. Rent a Snow Cone Machine 16. 4th of July Celebration 17. Swimming at 10 Different Pools 18. 3 Hikes from Hike Book 19. Cabin 20. Zoo 21. Visit A Waterfall 22. Home Depot Kids Workshops 23. Backyard Campout 24. Sidewalk Chalk 25. Kids Sing at Music on the House 26. Run in the Rain 27. Mad Libs 28. Read-a-Thon 29. Build Blanket Forts 30. Bring the Little Trampoline Outside 31. Paint Rocks 32. Boating with Friends 33. Secret Lake Hike 24. Swiss Days 25. 24th of July Parade 26. Take Maddi’s dogs for a Walk 27. 11th Wedding Anniversary 28. Mason’s 8th Birthday/Baptism 29. Dry-Erase Faces 30. Make a Movie/Commercial 31. Nature Scavenger Hunt 32. Basketball Camp 33. Lego Camp 34. Swimming Lessons 35. First Track Meet 36. Grow a Frog 37. Fire in the Cul-de-sac 38. Giant Slip-n-slide 39. Make Tie-Die Shirts 40. Make Homemade Ice Cream 41. Play Night Games 42. Make Giant Bubbles 43. Lemonade Stand 44. Go for a Picnic 45. Go to a Dollar Movie 46. Mini Golfing 47. Attend an Outdoor Free Concert 48. Rocky Mountain Raceway 49. Epic Car Wash 50. Make a Bike Wash 51. Bike Ride 52. Have a Dance Party 53. Girls Camping Trip 54. Bear Lake 56. Update Master Bedroom 57. Homemade Twister 58. Paper Airplane Contest 59. Mommy Daughter Make-Overs 60. Berry Picking 61. Make Hair Bows 62. Jump Rope 63. Sock Bubbles 64. Sorbet in Lemon Peel Bowls 65. Bake Mini Pies 66. Sponge Ball War 67. Glowing Bubbles 68. Balloon Fun 69. Pudding Paint 70. Laminate Flash Cards 71. Marshmallow guns 72. Kid’s Service Project 73. Splash Pad 74. Make Homemade Waterguns 75. Make Paper Guitars 76. Q learn ABCs 77. Grateful Journals 78. Samuel Lamanite Rice Crispy Lesson 79. Earn Money Cards 80. Stitching Cards 81. Chore Baskets 82. Make more Playdough 83. Create GAK 84: Gaming Party 85: Silver Lake Boardwalk 86: Play on USU QUAD.





  1. Start a list in early Spring or look at other lists on Pinterest and add the idea that interest you to yours. Look at other lists to get ideas. If you did a summer list in previous years, look at the things you enjoyed and add them.
  2. Add tons of ideas even if you think you may not do them. It’s better to have more than less ideas so you can have a variety of choices throughout the summer.
  3. When you do the particular activities, check them off on your list and write the date.
  4. At the end of the summer, take a picture of your list with all the dates or save it. My is large so I just take a picture of it. If you are really a go-getter, make a coffee table book of your summer adventures.

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  1. I need to do this with my little one. Although I don’t know how much we will get done. I work full time & he will be in camp. It’s still feasible to do a bunch of stuff tho.

  2. Love the list! When I click “download” I only get your completed list. Is there a way to download the blank list and add my own summer fun?

  3. I keep trying to download your fun charts and they aren’t working?? Could you send me the file for the 2011 one? Or do you have a 2014 one?

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