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Teen Guy Easter Basket Stuffers Under $10

Easter baskets are meant to be fun, and not break the bank which is why we rounded up Teen Guy Easter Basket Stuffers Under $10.

I like to add some fun and useful things to my kids Easter baskets, but Easter is a much smaller to-do and it is important for my kids to not get that mixed up.

Teen Guy Easter Basket Stuffers Under $10

  1. Whale Popper: The harder you squeeze, the further the ball goes!
  2. Shave Cream: Take shaving to a new level with this shaving cream that cools, hydrates, and prevents razor burn.
  3. Happy Socks: My guys love to wear fun socks under their dress pants.
  4. Car Wash Tokens: He’ll love not to dip into his wallet to keep his ride (or your’s) looking good.
  5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Whether he’s a gamer or an online schooler, your guy probably spends a lot of time looking a screen. Save his eyes with these blue light blocking glasses.
  6. Pocket Frisbee:
  7. Chums: Keep his spendy shades safely hanging around his neck and not at the bottom of the lake.
  8. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: A fast moving game the whole family will want to play with him.
  9. Rubik’s Cube: Keep his brain thinking and his hands moving with a cube. This one comes with solution guide to help him get it figured out.
  10. Push Pop Fidget Toy: The latest in the world of fidget toys-this one is like popping bubble wrap over and over.
  11. Swim Trunks: Start summer off right with a new pair of swim trunks.
  12. Surfshort Wallet: He can hook this no nonsense wallet right on his lanyard. There’s a clear ID pocket and zippers to keep from losing things.
  13. Glider Plane: Take it to the backyard, a park, or the beach. These fun planes come in a two pack.
  14. $5 Gift Card to his favorite fast food establishments.
  15. Boxer Briefs: My boys favorite underwear.
  16. Stickers: He’ll love to slap these stickers on his water bottle, skateboard, or binder.

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