2020 Gift Guide for Teen and Tween Boys

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We’ve asked our kids and rounded up the favorite things for our 2020 Gift Guide for Teen and Tween Boys. All of these would be great for growing boys on the go.

2020 Boy Gift Guide

As a mom to a couple of tween/teen aged boys and as someone who likes to make informed “good buying choices” I’ve rounded up a list of some of my boys favorite things they already have, as well a few things they want. You can be assured that the gifts on this list have passed the test. Boys have a lot of energy, and you’ll notice most of the gifts here will keep them moving and off of screens. As a disclaimer my 12 year old says everyone really wants a PS5, so if you are into that then there you go.

1. Pickleball Paddles: We have been loving playing pickleball as a family. It’s been a great activity for “social distancing” and still having fun with friends. This set comes with 2 paddles and 4 balls.

2. Apple Watch SE: Before you scroll past this one thinking your kid doesn’t need an Apple Watch, let me tell you why we love ours! Apples new SE watch is a stand alone, meaning you don’t need an iPhone for it to work. Which means instead of a phone, my kid has a watch that has his own number, let’s him text and call but there is no social media. I have even set the “school time” hours, so it doesn’t distract him during class. Plus it has GPS, so I can see where he is, tracks all of his runs, let’s him check his sports scores and only costs us $10/month for cell service.

3. Norelco OneBlade: When it’s time to start shaving and an electric razor seems like a bit much and a razor razor seems a little scary, the Norelco OneBlade is the perfect in between.

4. Skateboard: Get them off the couch and outside with a skateboard. I don’t know much about skateboarding, but he assures me this is good.

5. Echo Dot: Put this in their room so you don’t have to listen to their new jam over and over and over while they memorize the lyrics. You’ll thank me later. This one comes with a clock so they won’t be late.

6. Ski Boot Bag: It’s time they start hauling their own gear to the mountain. This bag is well made and compact, making it easier for them to carry, and holds everything boots, helmets, gloves, google, gaitor and has room to spare. We’ve been using this bag for years and are very happy with how they are holding up (we have 4 of them). The price can’t be beat and it has a 5 star rating on Amazon.

7. Magic Yoyo: I didn’t know yoyo-ing could be so easy. This metal yoyo is super responsive, so it makes beginners look good and feel good about their skill. This is another item we have multiple of.

8. Vans: My boys don’t think clothes count as gifts, cause they aren’t “fun”. But I always try to throw a couple of clothing items in as “gifts”. These shoes are cool enough they won’t realize you’re adding to their closet.

9. Nerf Lazer Tag Guns: I’d rate these as an all time favorite. We own 4 sets, have had them for years, and small kids to adults enjoy playing. They got a lot of use during quarantine because you social distance naturally while playing.

10. Bluetooth Headphones: If they’ll be making calls on their new Apple watch they are going to want some headphones with a mic. I went with these so keeping both ear pieces together will be a breeze. If you aren’t concerned about that, I have and love these Anker headphones.

11. Toiletry Bag: No longer is throwing in a toothbrush enough to cover their hygiene needs. This toiletry bag is big enough to hold their deodorant, stuff for their braces, toothbrush and everything else they might need, but doesn’t say “old man”. We don’t want them to be old men yet.

12. Gnoming a Round: We haven’t met a Grandpa Beck game we haven’t loved, so I’ll be adding this to a stocking and to our collection this year.

13. Hammock: Every kid needs a hammock to chill in. This one won’t break the bank and comes with tree straps.

14. Kubb: They say this game is Viking Chess, I’d say it is a cross between cornhole and chess and my kids love it. Really, what kid wouldn’t love throwing sticks. It’s a backyard game the whole family will enjoy.

15. LED Light Strips: He’ll love hanging these LED lights in his room and controlling the colors with a remote.

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  1. These are great ideas! I always struggle with my teen boy to do something besides just money. Such a fun list. I’m definitely getting some of these. Thank you!

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