2020 Gift Guide for Men

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We’ve asked our husbands and rounded up the favorite things for our 2020 Gift Guide for Men. Not all men are the same, but we’ve got a wide variety of guys covered in this guide.

gift guide for men

As wives to a few guys (three of us = three husbands) we’ve collectively bought a lot of gifts. Here are some of our guys favorites that they give their endorsements too. Whether you’re buying for a husband, brother, dad, or son we’ve got ideas for you.

Gift Guide for Men

1. Meat Thermometer: My husband bought this for himself. It comes with 2 probes and let’s you keep the main receiver inside, while the other sits next to the grill. I’ll be honest, I use it just as much as he does.

2. Ratchet Belt: If your man doesn’t have a ratchet belt, change that right now! There are no holes so as his waist inevitably changes so does the belt. My husband and sons all have these, I don’t plan on buying more belts for a really long time.

3. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager: After a long day of work, he’ll appreciate this back and neck massager. Especially if he works at a computer all day.

4. Long Board: My husband has been known to borrow our son’s longboard, so I’m thinking it’s time he has one of his own. If your guy snowboards (or used to snowboard) he’ll quickly get the hang of a long board.

5. Heated Jacket: My husband got this heated jacket last year and it was his top gift of the year, he loved wearing it to football games. While the rest of us were freezing he was nice and warm. If your man is outside a lot or just hates being cold this will be the star of Christmas.

6. Audible Membership: I used to tease my husband about being illiterate because I never saw him read a book (unless it was a text book). Well, Audible has changed all of that. Now he is the best read person in the family. I love the Audible membership, because he uses the credits to listen to what he wants and the kids and I listen to the free books that come with plus.

7. Yoyo: We also put this on the boys guide, but Dad likes to mess around with the yoyo too. I think it makes him feel like a kid again. This yoyo is better than anything he had as a kid and will make a great stocking stuffer.

8. Stanley Tumbler: We love the Stanley tumbler because it keeps ice cold and is dishwasher safe. It fits in a cupholder and looks good sitting on his desk. We have the 30 and 40 oz sizes and love them both. The 40 oz does have a handle, if that is important to you.

9. Stance Socks: Cool socks that feel and wear well.

10. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Prevent eye strain with blue light blocking glasses. If he spends much time on a screen he’ll thank you for these.

11. Bidet: No more worrying about your toilet paper supply when you have a bidet!

12. OtterSpot Charging System: A stackable wireless charging system. Sure there are cheaper options but this one is slick.

13. Ecco Golf Shoes: The most comfortable golf shoes ever. These don’t tear up the course. Pair with the ABC Pants and he’ll be the best dressed guy on the course. Tip: these are European sizing so they run a little big.

14. Braun Electric Razor: Self cleaning and close shaving. He likes that he can use it wet or dry and has a charging station, so he doesn’t have to dig through the drawer to find the right cord.

15. Apple Pencil: Makes taking notes a breeze, or combine with ProCreate if he is the artistic type. Works with some of the new iPads.

16. Anker PowerCore: Charge on the go. If he spends a lot of time on the phone he’ll love to be able to charge his phone even when he isn’t by an outlet.

17. Apple Watch Series 6: If your guy already has an Apple Watch, you know he’ll love the latest version as it has everything he loves plus the new blood oxygen meter, ECG, and the always on watch face.

18. Massage Gun: Let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger. He’ll love to be able to work on his sore spots after a good workout, or a hard day’s work.

19. UV Light Sanitizer: We’ve never been worried about germs like we are now and the phone is a hotspot. When getting home for the day, he can toss his phone in here and rest assured it is clean and ready for another day.

20. Smart Garage Door Opener: Can’t remember if you closed the garage door? You won’t have to send him downstairs to check with this. Instead he can pull out his phone and make sure things are taken care of.

21. Golf Rangefinder: Save strokes off of his game. It keeps track of the score, time and is a pedometer.

22. Apple Airpods: These have been a lifesaver while working from home. They are noise cancelling and connect seamlessly with Apple products.

23. ABC Pants: These pants have room to move and can go from the golf course to the office. I like how he looks in them and he likes how he feels in them.

24. ABC Joggers: Just cause you’re wearing lounge clothes doesn’t mean you should look like you just got out of bed. These are comfy and good looking.

25. Travis Mathew Polo: Not your grandpa’s polo. Your man will look and feel good in Travis Matthew.

26. Surge Joggers: He has the ABC Joggers and now wants to add the Surge to his closet.

27. Pressure Washer: Whenever my guy pulls out the pressure washer, I can hear Tim the Tool Man Taylor grunting. Your driveway, siding, patio, porch and patio furniture will be so clean – cause once you start you can’t stop with the pressure washer.

28. Pickleball Paddles: I love Pickleball dates with my man. If you don’t already have paddles, this set comes with 2 paddles and 4 balls. Just enough to get started. If you don’t know how to play, there are a lot of instructional videos on YouTube. That’s how we learned.

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