1 Batch of Dough: 3 Types of Cookies


Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! To celebrate, let’s talk cookies.

My family is full of cookie lovers. One son will only eat chocolate chip cookies but another son won’t eat chocolate. So to keep everyone happy I mix up 1 batch of dough and end up with 3 types of cookies – without exerting any more effort. But they don’t need to know that. Remember the Rice Krispy commercial where the mom was in the kitchen whipping up a batch of Rice Krispy treats, but to keep the family impressed throws flour on herself? Yeah, it’s like that.


Start with the best chocolate chip recipe ever! Seriously, I sucked at making chocolate chip cookies until Dana’s recipe came into my life. It makes a ton of cookies and is the perfect recipe for getting 3 for the price of 1. It makes 6 dz cookies, so after splitting it into 3, I still wind up with 2 dz of 3 types of cookies!


After I’ve mixed up the dough and before I add the chocolate chips, I separate it into 1/3rds and add different ingredients to create different cookies. It really doesn’t take any longer than making one batch of cookies, and I enjoy the variety without any extra work.


For my chocolate lover, I add milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips, just like Dana’s recipe. The full recipe calls for a bag of milk chocolate and a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, so I scale that down and just add a handful or so of each. Just eyeball it until it looks right.


And for my chocolate hater, I add raspberry baking tidbits and white chocolate chips. My mother-in-law keeps us stocked with raspberry tidbits, which look like kibble to me, but taste good.


And my husband’s favorite, butter pecan. I found this butter pecan mix at a local Amish store, but you could throw together your own. It’s made up of butterscotch drops, chopped pecans, and white chocolate chips and makes delicious cookies.

The next time you’re asked to bring cookies, make a couple different kinds and be every ones hero!

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  1. Sara says

    I might be missing it, but where is the actual recipe? I see a lot of lovely pictures and neat descriptions of the dough and what to put in it, but no recipe. Am I just missing it?

  2. LaNae says

    Thank yoooou!!! for posting this recipe! I’m making the raspberry ones right now and they smell SO GOOD! Cant wait to try one! :)

  3. Mary says

    I just made these and what an epic fail. They spread so much I couldn’t get them off the cookie sheet without bunching up or completely breaking apart…the tasted good you just can’t serve them to guest!

  4. susan says

    I do the same thing but I’m not a chocolate chip cookie fan. I make the base and divide into 3 portions. in one I’ll use dried tart cherries with the really small chocolate chips (not too many–not a fan of them). Cookie 2 is similar to your butter pecan–I use pecans and the toffee bits found in the baking aisle. Cooke 3–I take dried cranberries and soak them in orange juice for a a few minutes and then scoop into a drainer (juice is still perfectly drinkable–I just don’t put it back in the juice container). I put in some orange extract and fresh orange zest along with the cranberries. I try to use the fruit juice sweetened cranberries–I’ve only found them in the natural food store and price wise they were the same as the other cranberries AND, at least here in Vermont, they were a better price from the natural food store over the grocery store. Same for nuts, other dried fruits and herbs/spices. Hope everyone’s holiday baking goes smoothly!

  5. Lily says

    what is a substitute for raspberry tidbits? I am going to a cookie swap and these need to be done within the next two days so I have no way of ordering the raspberry tidbits online.any suggestions?


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