Hey everyone! I’m Kristin from Yellow Bliss Road and I am so excited to be here! A huge thank you to the Crafting Chicks for having me over today! At Yellow Bliss Road, I love to share simple & delicious recipes and fun free printables, especially around the holidays.

For my gift idea, I decided to put together two of the things I love most about Christmas – 1) Gift giving, and 2) the delicious scents of cranberry, cinnamon and citrus. Want to make your home and your neighbor’s smell like CHRISTMAS? Read on and I’ll show you how!

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri and Free Printable Gift Tags

I love to fill my home with amazing scents during the holidays, and there’s no better combination than citrus and cranberry mixed with cinnamon and spices. This is a simple recipe that you can simmer on your stovetop or in a crockpot to help fill your home with these delicious scents.

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri - This stuff smells amazing!!

All of these ingredients are combined in a small pot on the stove. Since I thought this would be a great gift idea, I created a fun printable tag to go with it. Just right click on the image above to save it to your computer, then print as many as you need.

Christmas Potpourri Tag

Just place the ingredients in a jar or gift bag. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy getting that orange in there so I’d suggest choosing a small orange, or slicing it and placing it in a ziploc bag before adding it to your jar. You also want to place the spices in a small bag so they dont just fall to the bottom. I simply cut the corner of a ziploc bag, poured the spices in, then tied it with a small piece of twine.

For the top, I just cut a circle out of a brown paper lunch bag and placed it under the ring of the mason jar. I then added a “To” and “From” just in my own handwriting. I attached the tag with some twine.

Christmas Potpourri with free printable tag

I love how fresh and rustic this gift is, and I love that it’s not another food gift!

Thanks again for letting me visit!

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  1. I bet this smells amazing!! We did something similar and used clementines because they are a little smaller than oranges 🙂 Pinned for sure!

  2. So cute!! Did you use a 16 oz. mason jar?

  3. hi …living in Singapore means no fresh cranberries 🙁 can we substitute with dried ones or any other alternatives?? TIA!

  4. how do I print a gift tag ????—–mine came out ‘full page’—-[8×11]—-luv this idea—–Keri’s sugg 4 clementines sounds good

  5. Cute idea!!!!

  6. This is a nifty idea and reminds me of something similar that my Grandma who lived on a farm did during Fall and Winter on her wood stove.
    Also, how may I receive your “Twelve Days of Christmas” gift ideas?
    Thank you for sharing and even including a printable tag on how to use the Christmas Potpourri. 🙂

  7. Can’t wait to make this for my neighbor’s Christmas gifts!

  8. LOVING this non-food neighbor gift idea!! Totally doing this this year!!

  9. How far in advance can you make these up,without anything going moldy in the jar? Those fresh ingredients worry me a little.

  10. Agnieszka Says: December 1, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    Lovely idea! Do you think the dried ornage slices would do as well?

  11. what are the little black/brown balls in the mix? … Peppercorns? … I can’t tell. Thanks / Jenn

  12. The little balls are the Cloves. I got the 16 oz jars, but i couldn’t fit the oranges in the, so I used Clementines instead- I think next time i’ll try a bigger jar to see if the Oranges will fit in them. Love this idea, though! i tried it at home before putting together the jars and it smells so amazing! Thank you!!!

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  16. I just love this. Simmering some in my kitchen right now and can’t wait to make some jars for gifts! Can you tell me what size jars you used and the approximate dimensions you used for the cards? Thanks so much!

  17. I am making these today but can’t find the link for the printable? TIA!

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  21. Did anyone have issues with cranberries / oranges spoiling? Should we use the insIde layer of the mason jar lid or just brown paper so it can breathe?

  22. I am unable to find the printable tag for the Christmas Potpourri….I just find myself back looking at the same recipe that pops up.

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  24. I would love to make this but I also can’t get the printable??

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  26. Thank you for sharing this! I gave these to the neighbors and relatives on Christmas Eve and received so many thank yous the next few days. Everyone loved how wonderful their homes smelled!

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  30. I have a little simple tip to get a whole orange out of the jar.
    Once all the other ingredients are out of the jar, tip the jar upside down. While doing this, place the top park of a butter knife inside the jar. when the knife and orange meet you can just pull the knife down and the orange will slide out with the knife.

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  33. Donna Waterfield Says: December 2, 2015 at 10:08 am

    I cannot print the label for the jar of delicious holiday scent. Maybe I can have you email it for me and I can print that way. Thank you!!!

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  35. Is there a way to print out these beautiful tags?

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  38. I am having trouble finding the cloves in a big bottle being that I am doing a good my of these for coworkers was wondering if ground cloves would work instead of whole ones

  39. Has anyone been able to edit the printable tag? I can save it to my computer, but I want to make a couple of changes before printing. Thanks!!

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