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Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

I’m Amy.  I work with The Crafting Chicks on the back side of their blog.  Years ago my cousins and I had a little blog to share all of our crafty projects.  We got busy and the blog disappeared.  But I still love to craft.  And I still get to work with the wonderful Crafting Chicks!

My parents have a piece of property that they stay at over the summers.  The grand kids just LOVE to go camping out there too.  Think…. 4 wheelers, zipline and archery range… yep.  The kids (and adults) LOVE it!

Last summer my parents were given a 1972 Rancho el Rae Camper Trailer.  The idea was to slap some paint on it and turn it into a guest house for their property.  As soon as I saw this trailer, I knew it needed to become a Glamper!  Let me show you what we did… (with links to tutorials that will help you to do the same!)

Retro Camping Trailer Remodel


The base of the trailer was in fairly good condition.  But boy oh boy, was it dated.  (Don’t you just love that carpet?!  Yikes!)  We liked the aqua trim.  But the dark paneling, carpet and floral print just had to go.

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!



What a difference!  Oh it turned out SO cute!  The color.  The light.  The retro feel.

Love. Love. Love!

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

Vintage camper trailer

Vintage Camper Trailer

Retro Camper Trailer

Patching Holes

If you’ve got an old trailer, you know that you’ve got to do some repairs.  We had some water damage.  So my amazing Dad jumped in and started patching holes.  Here is a great tutorial to walk you through the process:  Patching Holes.

Camper Trailer Remodel - Patching holes


A little bit of paint makes a HUGE difference.  The white opened up the space and gave it a completely different feel.  The red drawers gave it that pop of color we were looking for.

Painting a Camper Trailer


The first thing to come out was that carpet. Yikes!

We just fell in love with the black and white checkered tiles!  So much easier to clean and so fun!

Here is a great tutorial for installing new flooring:  Trailer Flooring.

Camper Trailer Remodel - Flooring

Reupholstering Cushions

Our polka dot cushions turned out beautiful!  We used Riley Blake Fabric.  The cushions are a Home Decor fabric called Medium White Dot on Black.   If you haven’t used their fabric before, you are missing out!  Oh my!  It’s like sewing with clouds.  Truly.  (I just did another project without Riley Blake Fabric… it was like working with sand paper.  Awful!  I’ll be sticking with Riley Blake.)

Luckily, the kitchen table cushions were in great condition once we flipped them over.  Now the Aqua color shows beautifully.

My Mom tackled the bedroom cushions.  And they were a beast.  But she’s a miracle worker and they turned out adorable!!  The couch that folds into a bed was super complicated.

Here is a tutorial to help you with cushions:  Cushion Tutorial.

Camper Trailer Cushion Remodel


The curtains are Riley Blake fabric as well.  We needed to double the material on the curtains, since the windows don’t have blinds.  We wanted the trailer to be light and bright during the day, have privacy at night, and keep the sun from peaking in during the early morning hours.  We made curtains ties to hold the curtains open during the day.  We attached the ties to the curtain on one side (so they don’t get lost) and they just velcro together in the back.

In the bedroom part of the trailer we used Four Corners Teal, Medium Dots Black, and White Swiss Dot on Black.

In the kitchen part of the trailer we used: Small Red Gingham, Medium Dots Black, and White Swiss Dot on Black.

We also made some accents pillows with Medium Dots Aqua/Red.

Camper Trailer How To Curtains

Before and After

What a difference!

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

Painting the outside of a trailer

At first we had visions of a bright white trailer with a red stripe down the side.  Maybe a few polka dots here and there.  Then we decided NOT to paint the outside of the trailer.  Let me tell you why…  This trailer is, right now, sitting on mountain property surrounded by 5 feet of snow.  We can’t access the trailer for a good portion of the year.  That means that we can’t check on it to make sure that it hasn’t been broken into or being lived in (yikes!) as often as we would like to.  So we decided that it would be best to keep the outside of the trailer looking a little run down.  We don’t want the whole mountain to know what a darling trailer it has become!

If you want to paint the outside of your trailer, here is a great tutorial:  Painting the outside of a trailer.

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

The circle stick-on mirrors are from Amazon.

The adorable red teapot is from  Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The plates, table runner and vase are from IKEA.

The furry animal friends were added by the grand kids and are from KOHLS.

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

Do you have a trailer that is just begging for a little TLC?  What are you waiting for?  It isn’t as hard as you think and it’s so rewarding to transform an entire space!

Happy Glamping!



Our Michael’s Makers challenge for the month was to create, or convince our husband and children to create, a Mother’s Day gift. I tried and tried to convince my husband that this would be a great project to tackle. But he didn’t bite. So, it was up to me to make something my mom would like for Mother’s Day. I’m pretty sure my mom loves her grandkids more than her own kids, so I made a Birthstone Locket with all 11 grandkids being represented by the birthstone of their birth month.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

I actually saw something similar to this being sold online a handful of years ago, but boy we’re they spendy! I’m sure they contained real jewels and precious metals, but they didn’t fit in our budget.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

So when I saw this line from Blue Moon Beads at Michaels I was excited. Now, in case the words “acrylic charms” don’t alert you, these are not real jewels. They are however inexpensive and when it takes 4 packages of birthstones to take care of all the grandkids you’ll be happy they don’t cost a ton.

Birthstone Locket Supplies

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

This project is so easy that my kids, or husband, or kids and husband could handle it. The locket is magnetic, so begin by popping it open.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

Get the birthstones ready to go. My initial thought was to dump all the packages in a bowl, but then I realized that I don’t know what stone goes with what month. I also realized that I was going to have to write down all the kids and their birth month to keep them all straight.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

From there I started matching months to months and adding the little jewels. Once all were added, I snapped the locket back together and inserted the chain. If another grand baby is added to the family we can easily open the locket and add another jewel.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

Now Grandma can keep the grandkids close even when they live hours away! Happy Mother’s Day!

Be sure to check out the other Makers Mother’s Day ideas:

Disney vacation ideas and printables! Countdown, luggage tags, games, incentives for kids, t-shirt designs, autograph books, and so much more!

Disney is such a fun family vacation destination!  We absolutely love the memories that we make when we are there.  Sometimes planning a vacation can be overwhelming.  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Disney vacation must haves.  We’ve got it all, countdowns, autograph books, incentives for kids, stroller printables, games for waiting in long lines, luggage tags, and more!  Enjoy!

Disney Vacation Ideas and Printables

Disneyland Countdown Printable from The Crafting Chicks

disney countdown

Disney Countdown Printable from All for the Memories

disney countdown

Disney Vacation Incentives for Kids from The Crafting Chicks

disney incentives for kids

Disney Autograph Book from The Cards We Drew

disney autograph book

How to make Disney Luggage Tags from Disney Cruise Mom Blog

luggage tags

Disneyland Fun Book Free Printable from The Craft Patch

disney activity book

Disneyland Journal from Eighteen25

disney journal

15 Things to Buy Before Your Trip to Disneyland from Mother’s Niche

things to buy before your trip to disneyland

50 Photos to take on your Disney Vacation from Simple As That

photos to take on your disney vacation

DIY Disney Stroller Tag Template from 2 Paws Designs

stroller tag printable

DIY Disney Shirts from Two Oh Two Seven

disney tshirt design

Disney Travel Game from Get Away Today

disney game

Hidden Mickey Tracker from Yellow Bliss Road

hidden mickey printable

Disney Vacation Packing List from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

disney packing list

Jedi Training Academy Sign from Follow That Mouse

jedi training printable


We had so much fun with our Valentine Hedbanz cards, that I’m back with a set for St. Patrick’s Day. If you aren’t familiar with the game HedBanz* here’s a quick break down. You wear awesome plastic headbands that have a slit to hold the card. Without looking at the card you insert it into the slit, and then by asking questions you try to figure out what you are. Kind of like 20 questions. Only instead of 20 questions, you are racing against a timer. If you get it before your time is up you pick another card and keep asking until your time expires. Then it’s the next person’s turn. When it comes around to you again, you pick up asking questions where you left off before. It promotes logical thinking and a lot of laughs!

lucky hedbanz

If you don’t have the game, I bet you could make elastic headbands, like the elastic hair ties only larger, and they would work just as well. Place the card between your forehead and the elastic to hold it in place.

lucky_hedbanz_cards The download includes a front and back page, for a total of 9 cards. As always, I recommend printing on matte photo paper* for best results. Check out my post on printing printables for answers to common problems. cc_download

All printables and downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. Feel free to link back to www.thecraftingchicks.com if you like our printables, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download.

*Amazon affiliate link

Oh BOY, have we got some exciting news! Hang onto your hats ladies, because we have the DEAL of all DEALS for you today! Not even kidding.

We seriously cannot wait to introduce you to…

Big Collage

Yep, that’s right! 22 popular bloggers & designers created 22 of the most DARLING printable packs to make this the most successful & memorable Valentine’s Day you’ve EVER had!!

This baby seriously has EVERYTHING you could EVER want or need to pull off the BEST V-Day EVER!

  • Valentine’s for the kids’ classmates? Done!
  • A cute gift for the teachers? Included!
  • Your date night? Completely planned!
  • V-day decor? Just print!
  • Party planning? Covered!
  • Gift idea? We’ve got several!
  • AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!! {See EVERYTHING below!}

All together – it’s a collection of 121 PAGES that aren’t offered ANYWHERE else… only in this exclusive Valentine’s Day Printable Bundle!

And it’s ON SALE for ONLY $14.97!!!

Yea, not even kidding. Talk about a CRAZY, KILLER DEAL! The price goes up in just two weeks, so hurry and grab yours ASAP!


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Just look at all of the goodies included….

Wanna take a closer look at everything?

I thought so! Just you wait until you see all of the cuteness…

These are digital printables that will be emailed to the Paypal email address you use to pay.

All purchases of this amazing digital pack are final. Please read the above list to see exactly what is in it.

Packs 1-6

1. The Dating Divas“Choose Your Own Valentine Adventure Date Night OUT!” Get ready for an adventure! That’s right, we have your Valentine’s date already planned out for you. Just print the clever “Choose Your Own Valentine Adventure” booklet, hand it to your honey, and let him decide how the night will go. {If you can’t get out for Valentine’s Day- no worries! See #20}

2. Paging Supermom“Heart-on-a-String Lunch Kit” Why not send the kiddos to school with a little extra LOVE in their lunch this Valentine’s Day? The Lunch Bag Seal, Sandwich String Charms, and Juice Box Wrap are sure to make it a lunch they’ll remember! (I’m thinking the hubby would love it too!)

3. Yellow Bliss Road “Valentine Monster Bingo” Add some fun to the holiday by playing this cute but simple game with your kids. Bingo set includes 6 different Bingo cards as well as the calling cards. (This would be a FUN one to bring to class parties too!)

4. Whimsicle Design Studio“Valentine Gift Wrap Set” Your Valentine gift-giving just got a whole lot easier (& cuter!!) This darling set includes 5 gift tags, 3 bows, & 3 wrapping paper sheets! (And hey- you can use most of it even AFTER Valentine’s Day too!)

5. My Sister’s Suitcase“Valentine’s Dinner for Kids” Let the kids enjoy a special dinner that’s just for them! Included in the Dinner Kit: printable Invitation, Coloring Placemat, Straw Flags, Mini Banner, and a Tic Tac Toe game (for a little after-dinner activity).

6. Strawberry Mommycakes“Babysitter in a Bag” Everything you need to keep the kids entertained while you’re out on your HOT V-day date! Includes the cute Bag Label, a Babysitter Information Card, Dragon Treasure Hunt Instructions, AND the darling Puzzle/Clue Treasure Hunt Pieces.

Packs 7-12

7. Thirty Handmade Days“You Color My World Valentine’s Pack” Youwon’t believe all of the cuteness included in this pack! The Bag Toppers and Sticker Labels are perfect for pairing with a box of crayons as Valentine’s for the kids’ classmates and friends. The two gift card holder templates are perfect as a cute teacher gift… AND the Valentine’s coloring page finishes off the set!

8. The Girl Creative“4 Valentine’s Day Prints” Add some instant V-day decor to your home with these 4 different, GORGEOUS Valentine’s Day Prints. You can print and frame all 4 in both 5×7 and 8×10 sizes! (These are so beautiful, I’d leave them up year round!)

9. The Dating Divas “Dine & Be Mine Bedroom Fun” Surprise your sweetie with this sassy but classy way to spice things up on Valentine’s Day! Give him the invitation to a night of romance, then present him with the romantic Menu of Services and his Love Cash. Now what man wouldn’t love THAT?! *wink*

10. Somewhat Simple“Valentine Advent Boxes” Countdown to “LOVE Day” all month long with these 14 ADORABLE Advent Boxes. Fill them up with sweets & treats, activities to do as a family, or anything your heart desires!

11. CdotLove“Valentines Wall Art” These 3 Valentine’s printables are perfect for displaying together or separately. You can trim to 8×10 for framing OR put behind a mat in a larger frame. (I’m thinking it would make for darling bedroom decor!)

12. I’m Topsy Turvy“Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt” Chose from two different Scavenger Hunts for your spouse OR kids! The Kids’ Scavenger Hunt will have them hunting for Valentine’s related items, and the String Scavenger Hunt leaves a trail of string with lots of sweet love notes!

Packs 13-18

13. Petite Party Studio“Love Checks” These darling love checks from “The Love Bank” make the perfect, meaningful gift for your Valentine. They even come with a cute checkbook cover to put them in!

14. Falala Designs“Woodland Creatures Valentine Craft”Help your kids create their own Valentines with this simple craft. I can’t even get over how CUTE these little critters are. The heart they’re holding even opens up to deliver a personal message.

15. Love the Day“Valentine’s Party Printables” If you’re hosting a party this Valentines, this pack has everything you’ll need! We’re talking: Party Flags, Cupcake Wrappers, Drink Labels, AND lots of different Party Tags! (I think I’ll throw a mini-family party just so I can use them!)

16. Smitten By“3 Love Cards” No need to buy Valentine’s cards this year, this printable pack has everything you need. Including: A DIY Scratch-off Card (with instructions), an “I Love You” card, and an “I love you because…” card! Good luck choosing just one.

17. Tatertots and Jello“Valentine’s Dinner Printables” This printable pack is jammed packed with goodies for a memorable Valentine’s Dinner. Included: Cupcake Toppers, Banner, Plate Toppers or Silverware Holders, Place Cards, Straw Toppers, and even 2 5×7 prints!

18. 733 Blog“Love Coupons” Give your honey some love coupons this Valentine’s Day! It’s a fun gift that keeps on giving. And who wouldn’t love some spoiling and pampering from their sweetie? It even has a page of blank coupons so you can personalize it with your own ideas!

Packs 19-22

19. The Crafting Chicks“Kid Valentines”Sing it with me…. “What does my {heart} say? Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHa Happy Valentines!” These cute and clever Valentines are perfect for the kiddos to give their classmates and friends. 6 fit on a sheet and they even come in 3 different colors: red, green, and pink!

20. The 36th Avenue“Party of 2 At-Home Date Night” Can’t get out for Valentine’s Day? This printable pack has absolutely everything you need for a romantic night in- no babysitter required! Including: Invitation, Menu, Napkin Rings, Coasters, Food Toppers, Small Banner, Bottle Wrapper, AND Valentine Print.

21. Family Ever After“3 Valentine’s Prints” Still need more festive decor to get your house decked out for V-day? We’ve totally got you covered. Print and frame all 3 of these cute Valentine’s prints, available in 4×6, 5×7, AND 8×10 sizes.

22. Kristen Duke“Our Love Story” And last, but definitely not least- check out this cute printable Love Story Journal. With places to write down “His Version” and “Her Version” this is a keepsake you’ll want to keep forever!

See? Told ya! EVERYTHING you could EVER want or need to pull off the BEST V-Day EVER!

So HURRY & grab your V-Day Printable Pack today!

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Hey friends!  I am so excited to tell you about the POWER OF MOMS  retreat that Brooke and I had the privilege of attending a couple of weeks ago.  If you’ve never been to the Power of Moms website, YOU MUST.  It’s always been one of our favorites here at Crafting Chicks and it’s the most amazing parenting site.  Saren and April and their 300 authors are REAL, HONEST, EMPOWERING and so very RESOURCEFUL.  I love it also because they talk so much about “Deliberate” in your parenting.  THIS CONCEPT IS POWERFUL and I love that they remind all of us that we can plan, prepare, and make our families and parenting experiences wonderful and purposeful.

IMG_6317 edited

Retreat Description:  Power of Moms Retreats are uniquely powerful opportunities for learning, sharing, reflecting and relaxing.

Part “professional development” in the field of motherhood and part get-away, Power of Moms Retreats can entail a day-long or weekend get-away or simply a two or three-hour gathering where a group of moms step away from their regular lives to learn from wonderful trainers and from each other and head home empowered with ideas and support.

Our Retreats are designed to unite women from all backgrounds, regardless of religion, age, family size, or employment status. We find common ground in our desires to be deliberate mothers.


(Total nerds getting our parenting awesomeness on.)

photo (1) edited


I learned so many things there and here are just a couple of tidbits (and they have amazing worksheets on each of these topics):

  • Family Systems:  It’s all about systems to keep your house running smoothly with as little effort as possible.  
  • Family Economy:  We talked about different ways to  reward and keep track of chores and responsibilities in the home.  It’s great because you start by thinking about what you want your children to learn when they leave the home.  I love their idea about the peg system.  Each child has a number of pegs that they put in the FINISHED spot when they are done with certain chores.  At the end of the week, they get paid for their pegs.  I love the quote Brooke always says, “The purpose of the task is to build the relationship.”
  • Personal Workflow: (based on Getting Things Done by David Allen…which I adore)  They have adapted David Allen’s program for moms, it’s AMAZING.  They discussed how we gather process and organize all of the things, tasks, papers in our lives so we can have clear minds as mothers, brilliant.  I love the idea of the INBOX.
  • Synergistic Parenting:  I love their idea about the 5 facet review for each child, each month, with your spouse.  It’s where you go on a date with your spouse and discuss each child’s mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social state.  You look for possible problems as well as the possibilities and opportunities for each child.  It’s great because I think if we all did this, many problems would be solved before they are real problems.  I LOVE THIS.  What a great reminder to focus on each child individually, because they really are individuals.
  • Family Culture:  What do we want people to remember about THE _________ FAMILY?  You build your family culture with mottos and statements that define who you are as a family what you want your family to be.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  With my app Kid Chatteroo, this is HUGE and what’s it’s all about.  Family culture is what makes your kids keep coming back to your family now and in the future.  They talk about traditions.  I LOVE this.
  • So. Much. More.  It was amazing.

We were pleased to hear from Linda and Richard Eyre, NYT Best-seller authors…..for just about 35 parenting books.  They just happen to be Saren’s parents who Brooke and I have read their books for years.  It reminds me years ago when I met them at a conference and I think I cried because I was meeting them…they are THAT amazing.  I am THAT nerdy.

photo (2) edited

Look who downloaded my App KID CHATTEROO….

IMG_6305 edited

This isn’t the most non-blurry picture but I had to include this since we love Saren’s mom so much, mama EYRE.

photo edited


We can’t say enough about this retreat.  You know how some things you walk away a different person?  This was no exception.  It really makes you think about all these things that are so important.  I am so passionate about all these things and it was magical to be there and be totally inspired and to be in such great company.  I even want to go again.  They also have many AMAZING programs for moms online HERE!

Thank you April and Saren from Power of Moms.


Brooke and Kirsten

I’m so thrilled to announce the official launch day of my new iphone app called KID CHATTEROO downloadable HERE!!  Yes, I’m a Crafting Chick for life and now I get to add this to my list of fun things to be a part of.

This is what it’s all about:  CONNECTING WITH OUR KIDS!  Let’s be honest as parents we ALL are looking for fun and easy ways to feel that closeness with our kids so we can be better parents.  This new app does just that and my wish this whole time for the two years i’ve worked on this with my small Kid Chatteroo team is that this will be just one more tool in your bag of parenting tricks that helps to strengthen these important relationships, and laugh while doing it.  Please please help us spread the word.


Create your “PEEPS” with the faces in your family * Pick your category to pull your fun questions from (no wrong answers) * Push on the avatar to record these cute little conversations * recordings are stored by child with a time/date stamp * Smile because you captured your KIDS and who they are today, to be enjoyed for years to come

Part of the KID CHATTEROO app description is this:  “Whether you are on a road trip, tucking your child in bed or chatting over the dinner table, Kid Chatteroo questions will spark all sorts of funny, imaginative, inquisitive, and playful conversations that are sure to leave you with that silly, warm, fuzzy feeling! Capture those little voice recordings with our easy-to-use recording feature, it’s like capturing time in a bottle. YEA!”  Check back later this week to see what some of our kids answered to some of the funny questions…SO CUTE!!!


If you like Kid Chatteroo and want to see more apps like this, please write a review & share it with your friends, that would mean THE WORLD to us!!!

With 750,000 apps on the app store, good apps only get noticed this way…THANK YOU THANK YOU!

 {Connect with us on our social links!}

**YOUTUBE:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=das8ZZZa7VU
**WEBSITE: WWW.KIDCHATTEROO.COM where you can join our mailing list for updates and other
fun tidbits to make your experience with us the best it can be!

Last year I introduced you our Grandma’s Camp. This year Grandma chose Indian in the Cupboard as the book of the year. It worked out great, and the kids were at Grandma’s Camp while I was at EVO’12. They had so much fun and assure me they didn’t miss me even a little.

She made each kid a little Indian costume, and together, her and my dad made this teepee for the kids to sleep in!

And they don’t mess around–this thing is pretty much a full sized teepee. Just like Little Bear in the book, she had the kids paint the teepee. They also made beaded necklaces, headbands and bows and arrows.

I don’t know what else they did, as all my boys can talk about is this teepee! I think Grandma has set expectations pretty high for future camps!