$4 Pool Towel Tutorial

A $4 Pool Towel Tutorial is what we have to share with you today!

Hi! I’m liZ from over at Simple Simon and Company and I love projects that both come together quickly and are great to use and this pool towel is both of those things!

$4 Pool Towel Tutorial

This really is such a simple project that it will only take you 30 minutes to complete from start to finish. And once pool season is over it will still get used as a favorite bath towel. Let’s get started.

All you need to make this pool towel is:

$4 Beach towel supplies 1

*4 Hand towels (I got mine from the dollar section in a big box store….but you can also get them at a Dollar Store as well.)  Just make sure they are 4 of the same kind of towels..so they are all the same size!

*Thread, Sewing Machine, Scissors

Once you have your supplies lay your 4 towels out in the order that you like best.

$4 Pool Towel Step 1 1

Lay them horizontally just overlapping the finished edges.

Pin together.

$4 Pool Towel Step 2 2

Then stitch together with your sewing machine. (Remembering to take out the pins as you sew!)

$4 Pool Towel Tutorial Step 3 1

Repeat these steps for every towel stripe (lay them out, pin, then stitch). Easy peasy!

And you are done!

$4 Pool Towel Tutorial

That’s it, for real! And within 30 minutes you are ready for one last summer hurrah at the pool…the splash pad…or in the sprinklers!

(And if you had fun making this towel and want to try another similar project you can try your hand at this super simple DIY serger style beach towel! We made some of these last year and the kids love them!)

Serger Style Beach Towel

It was made used only a package of washcloths and sews together almost as quickly as the hand towel one does. (And the kids had so much fun picking them out and deciding how they should be laid out.)

Happy Sewing and soak up these final days of summer!


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