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Halloween Witch Surprise Ball

Need a fun Halloween gift idea? Try making this easy and cute Witch Surprise Ball!

Halloween Witch Surprise Ball

Tiffany here again from Making the World Cuter sharing another Surprise Ball! My goal in life is to be the queen of all cute Surprise Balls! HA! My first one was this Unicorn Surprise Ball, and then I just couldn’t stop! Halloween has been my favorite time so far, and I have made 5 so far for the holiday! You can see my Vampire Surprise Ball over on my site, and stay tuned for the rest!

Let’s make the cute little witch shall we?

Supplies Needed:

This is always my disclaimer… you can put ANYTHING little in these surprise balls. So feel free to use some of these items that I got over at Oriental Trading, or find your own!

That being said, you will need a few supplies on hand to make the witch surprise ball (affiliate links included).

How to Make a Witch Surprise Ball

Start with a round object, like one of these jumbo star handballs. Wrap with black crepe paper and cover completely. Once covered, cut the paper and secure with glue from the glue stick.

After that first round object is wrapped, it’s just a matter of wrapping things to the ball and keeping it as close to a ball shape as possible. The next thing I wrapped into the ball is a glittery sticky hand.

Keep on wrapping, cutting the paper after each addition and gluing. This keeps the ball tight and if you decide to use it more as a game or a countdown, it will tell the opener when to stop unwrapping. The third thing I added was one of these pen bracelets

Next I wrapped the witch finger out of this bag of monster fingers.

My kids are really into Pop Rocks right now, so I added a package of those. You don’t have to add any candy if you want a non-candy Halloween gift…I mean they will be getting a bag full on the 31st!

Finally, what would a witch be without her little black cat? The last thing I added was this black cat mask. I wrapped the last layer in the green, but just because I was running low. You could wrap the whole thing in green if you wanted, and then just use the black for the hair.  Next, cut out your witch hat from the printable accessory page over on my site found in the vampire surprise ball post. Leave the tab down, glue and then wrap green paper around the tab.

Next add the hair. Just cut a strip the length it takes to cover the head when draped on both sides. That will be the top piece, don’t glue down yet…unless you don’t want hair in the back. 

For the hair in the back, I ended up using 6 small strips that went from the crown of her head to the bottom and just glued at the top, all around the back and sides. Then I just glued the top piece over all of the hair for a finished look. 

Next take your tacky glue or hot glue and glue on the eyes. You could also draw them on with a Sharpie. Finally draw on a nose and a mouth. I went with super simple, but feel free to add a long warty nose and a mean smile and eyebrows if you want more scary witch!

Finally, gift with a cute witch bookmark, found in that same printable pack with the hat. Super cute and a fun gift to give to any little monster! 😉


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