Entry Way Photo Gallery

Oh darn it’s been awhile. Since I had Quincie in October, life has been crazy, of course you all understand. It’s good to be back! I finally hung some pictures in my house, I really wanted an Entry Way Photo Gallery. I have major commitment issues when it comes to walls and photos. So it you are feelin’ it too, just head on down to IKEA and grab their 22 1/2″ x 22 1/2″ frame for only $25, in fact, grab 4 of them and make a photo wall.
Entry Way Photo Gallery
This is the other angle. The bottom of the lower level of frames sits at about 2’10” off the floor.
Entry Way Photo Gallery
My goal with these pictures was to have a wall of photos that really portrayed our family, and since this wall is one of the most highly trafficked areas in our house, I really didn’t want plain pictures that didn’t have a purpose. So I went for random ones. One was from a family photo shoot, one has a variety, one was a posed one, and one was of Dave and the boys at his softball game. You’ll see how they come together in a second.
Entry Way Photo Gallery
The openings in all Ikea frames are a little different than ours. This frame has a 11 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ opening. I also wanted to have a layered look so I took a 12 x 12, tan/speckled scrapbook paper and put that in the matte, then printed the picture about an inch smaller, so 10.5″ x 10.5″.
Entry Way Photo Gallery
I wanted to pick a border of some sort that would bring the variety of pictures together, so they looked more similar. I chose a border from NICOLE V, from a set I purchased. I also gave them each a vintage-ish look in Photoshop. There is a beautiful thing called COSTCO…if you haven’t heard, and here you can print a 12×36″ for $4.99. I put these on a 12×36″ canvas, and brought my disk to Costco (can’t upload this size) and printed the 4th print on another one.

I also wanted to add a personal touch with the dates and other one liners right on the pictures. The swirly font is free and you can find it at DA FONT and if you search on their site for the font called “the King and Queen”, you too can have this swirly and lovely font. I use this font a lot. The blue brush on Q’s pictures is from DESIGNER DIGITALS from one of the Valentine’s sets, very cute as well.

You can also get really jazzy and mix it up with multiple pictures on one of them. This is Q, she wasn’t present in the other photos.

Closer up-

In the family picture (top left) on the photo wall, Q wasn’t born yet, but I love the picture. So I added her in…in a non-traditional fun way. I put an “almost invisible” pair of butterfly wings on Dave’s shoulder, with a little “Q” on the wing, so Q wouldn’t feel left out :). If you look closely, you might be able to see her.

So there it is…
Entry Way Photo Gallery
Total Cost: $107.00, and even better, it fills up the largely empty space that was there before. Since I hung these pics, it has really been fun to see these every day. Show off your family, it’s an easy way to make a space instantly more jazzy.

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  1. Hi! I just recently found your blog, and just today I was saying I need a photo wall going up our staircase! Perfect post for today! I love the little touches in the pictures, with the boarder and the date stamp! Now I really need to get goin’ on mine! I’m inspired! 🙂Your family is beautiful by the way!

  2. Kirsten, these are darling. I’m not kidding when I say all you girls are my heroes. PLEASE do a crafting chicks class!

  3. Love this blog and love this post. Beautiful! Is there anyway I can find out where you got your little buffet,server, dresser, cabinet thingy? 🙂 I love it and have been looking forever for one just that size and shape. ([email protected])

  4. Kirsten!!! I can’t believe that as I am blog snooping I come across this cool site, and it’s you, the little girl who grew up across the street. How cool is it that here I am in Australia, and I find this awesome blog by an awesome girl! Such a small small world and oh so fun! Love the blog and love you!

    1. Hello! I just found your blog via 6th Street and I’m in love! (I hope that doesn’t sound crazy!) I’ll definitely be shiarng it with my best friend as she would love it too.I haven’t explored everything yet but I love your design tastes and your nursery is adorable! Thanks for shiarng!!

  5. That is so cute and creative. I like how you put so many different ideas from different sources in one place. I had a baby recently, so I’ll be doing some photo rearranging at some point in my life (maybe soon?). Thanks for the great ideas.

  6. kristen oh my heck I was looking at these adorable pics and recognized you! what an awesome site! hope you are doing well
    stephanie bierwolf parke!

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