Ice Cream Cups get a Halloween Facelift

SONY DSCThe season to BOO is drawing near! You know, when someone leaves treats on your doorstep, rings the bell and runs, leaving instructions for you to do the same. My kids are crazy for Booing! In fact somehow they convince us to do it many times (most of the time without us being Boo’d first) during October. Do you know what that means? It means that at the last minute I’m supposed to throw together a treat worthy to share.

Luckily, Rice Krispie Treats come together quickly. But when I open my cupboard to find a plate to put them on, often I find only leftover Christmas or Fourth of July plates–which are less than ideal presentation when you’re trying to glam up some ordinary treats.

SONY DSCLast year I remembered a stack of ice cream cups I had bought from Bake it Pretty at Queen Bee Market. So I grabbed a Sharpie and drew a jack-o-lattern face on an orange one and a ghost face on a white one. You guys, I was so proud of myself! Is that not a brilliant idea!

SONY DSCThese are a little fancier, because I cut out vinyl for the faces. I’m in love with that little Franky guy–so cute! You could still pull these off with just a Sharpie, or if you have time, cut them out of vinyl.

SONY DSCThe treat tubs are 3″ deep and hold quite a bit of candy. You can also get domed lids to go on them, which works perfectly for delivering baked goodies.

SONY DSCI call these 2 Jack and Skeley. How fun would they be to find sitting at your door full of Halloween goodness?!

I know some people hate the BOO. How about you, do you BOO?

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