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Ocean Floats – a Fun Summer drink!!

Need a fun drink for Summer? These Ocean Floats are fizzy, festive and fun!

Ocean Floats - a fun Summer drink from Shaken Together for Crafting Chicks

Hi my favorite Crafting Chicks readers!! I’m Keri from Shaken Together and I love stopping by each month to share a fun recipe with you! Since school is finally out in our neck of the woods and Summer is right around the corner, I thought I would share a  cool, refreshing, creamy dreamy ice cream float! And not just any ice cream float.

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One that is perfect for a Finding Dory movie day …

Or celebrating Shark Week , or to kick off a beach vacation, or just because! Because these Ocean Floats are SO delicious! Let’s get started!

These floats are the most fun made in a clear glass so you can see the ocean blue water, the frothy ocean foam and the bright red fish that slip below the surface. Plastic or acrylic glasses are best for little hands, but you can use mason jars for older kiddos.

Each Ocean Float starts with a clear glass - it is so much fun to see the layers and gummy fish swimming through the drink!

Fill each glass about 2/3 full with a bright blue drink for the water in each Ocean Float. We used blue Hawaiian Punch but you could also use blue sports drink or blue soda.

Blue punch, sports drink or soda create the blue water for Ocean Floats!

Next, add some lemon lime soda. This gives this float some fizz and when the ice cream melts, the Ocean Floats get a fizzy frothy foam on top!

Lemon lime soda give our Ocean Floats a hit of fizz!

And of course, no float is a float without … ice cream!!

No float is a float without ice cream! We used classic vanilla to top our Ocean Floats!

Add two generous scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream to each glass. As it melts, the ice cream resembles the frothy foam created by ocean waves!

Two generous scoops of vanilla ice cream create the foam on top of the water for our Ocean Floats!

Add a colorful striped paper straw and a handful of bright red gummy fish and these Ocean Floats are ready for Summer!

Fruity juice, lemon soda and ice cream are all you need to make our fizzy, festive and fun Ocean Floats!

Aren’t they so cute?!

For even more ocean fun, add multi colored gummy fish, gummy sharks or gummy life savers for life preservers floating in these yummy Ocean Floats!


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