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Lunch Ideas for School Week 6

We’re back with another week of lunch ideas for school, bringing our total to 30 days of school lunch ideas! Send your kids to school with something they are excited to eat with our Lunch Ideas for School Week 6!Sandwich Kabobs

Day 1: Ham Sandwich Kabobs, Mini Carrots and Ranch and chocolate covered pretzels.

Cut your favorite sandwich into 1/4ths and slide onto a skewer with cherry tomatoes in between. Cut skewer in half so if will fit inside the lunch box.

Day 2: Hard boiled eggs, berries, veggies, Goldfish crackers, chocolate covered pretzels.

Peel the eggs before sending them to school to make them easier to eat (and less of a mess!)

Day 3: Italian Pasta Salad, grapes and cookies.

Add mini pepperoni, slices of a cheese stick, tomatoes and cucumbers to pasta and top with Balsamic Glaze.

Day 4: Tortilla chips, salsa, nacho cheese, veggie kabobs and mini donuts.

This is a nod to your child’s favorite pre-packaged nachos, only a whole lot better!

Day 5: Sandwich kabobs, hard boiled eggs, berries.

Include sweet fruits occasionally in place of a dessert. Your child will still be getting a sweet treat without having to go to the bakery.

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