Lunch Ideas for School Week 5

Day 1:

Vanilla yogurt with berries and granola, mini muffin and a clementine.

Package the granola separately from the yogurt so it doesn’t get soggy while waiting for lunch.

Day 2:

Turkey sandwich on a mini bagel, tomato and cheese dippers, grapes and a cookie.

Tomatoes and cubed cheese sticks on a toothpick are delicious dipped in balsamic glaze.

Day 3:

Breakfast for lunch! Waffles, berries, and a clementine.

Pour your child’s favorite syrup in a condiment cup to prevent everything from getting sticky!

Day 4:

Butterfly sandwich, Babybel, watermelon and goldfish crackers.

Cut your child’s favorite sandwich with a butterfly sandwich cutter and add eyes and a mustache and carrot antennae.

Day 5:

This lunch has it all! Goldfish crackers, trail mix, vegetables, berries and a string cheese!

To help those veggies go down a little easier, include ranch dip in the lunch.

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