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Magic Wands

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As a mom to three girls I pretty much have all the princess and fairy stuff down. I love to make these Magic Wands with my girls. They are so easy to come together and let’s the kids use their hands and really touch and feel. All great things for kids to do. These wands have done well it boys and girls alike and I’ve made them with my 4 year-old up to a 11 year-old neighbor, so fun for all ages as well.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Magic-wands-pipe-cleanersBegin by having your kids choose 1 regular pipe cleaner and one sparkly one. Then have them twist them together.

Magic-wands-pipe-cleaner-handleOnce it’s all twisted, stuff the pipe cleaners into the straw.

magic-wand-handleDepending on the length of your straws, pipe cleaners, and how much they twisted you might have some pipe cleaner sticking out. You can twist this to make it tuck in and not stick the kids.

magic-wand-topperNow for my favorite part. Grab the Model Magic and start to knead it with your hands. Once it is nice and smooth, which it pretty much comes that way, press it flat on begin to color with a marker on one side. This is a fun way to teach kids about colors changing when mixed with white.

magic-wands-how-toTo get the colors mixed without making a mess on hands, have the kids fold the model magic in half,

magic-wand-makingthen half again. Then they can start to mix it up.

Magic-wand-putting-togetherOnce it’s completely mixed you are ready to make the model magic into a topper for your wand.

how-to-make-a-magic-wandI’ll usually have my kids roll the model magic into a snake and then they can form shapes from that. Make sure that the topper is thick enough for the straw and pipe cleaner to fit into securely.


Then press your straw pipe cleaner combo into the bottom of the model magic. Once again make sure the straw¬†fits securely in the model magic and isn’t showing anywhere.

You’ll then have to set these aside to dry for about 24 hours. Tell the kids that the wands are gathering their magic and need time to do so.

Once the time is up, you will have wands all over.


We sure hope that you enjoy this kids craft! Please feel free to leave us a comment telling us if you make them or have suggestions.

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