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Patriotic Bike Flags

This post was part of Skip to My Lou’s summer crafts for kids series.

patriotic bike flags

My boys aren’t much into crafting, but I knew they’d join me for a crafternoon with a project that involved duck tape and their bikes!

These patriotic bike flags drew them in and we had fun working together one afternoon to deck their bikes out. The flags come together rather quickly, so we were finished before their interest waned.

bike flags

To make your own flags you’ll need:

  • An assortment of duck tape
  • Straws
  • Scissors

bike flags

Step 1:  Cut off a strip of duck tape and lay the straw in the middle.

bike flags

Step 2:  Fold the duck tape over. No worries if the tape doesn’t line up exactly, you can just trim of the sides and clean it up.

bike flags

Step 3:  Using the scissors trim off the straw next to the tape.

Step 4:  Run the scissors along the top of the straw and cut a slit the length of the straw. This is allows the flags to easily come on and off the spokes.

bike flags

Step 5:  Decorate the flags any way you’d like! Get creative – stripes, stars any thing goes!

bike flags

Here are some designs that we came up with.

Step 6:  Snap them over the spokes where the straw is split. Because of the chain we didn’t put any flags on the back tire. When the tire turns the flags go up and down and wave in the breeze. The boys love them!

patriotic bike

Just add streamers and a USA banner and you’re set for a 4th of July parade!

If you little one is dying to take off the training wheels, check out our popular How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike post!

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