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Strip Quilted Dish Mat

dish-mat-titleI shared this fun tutorial last week over on Riley Blake’s blog as part of their Design Team. We sure love working with them and the wonderful fabric.

Today I wanted to share this fun Strip Quilted Dish Mat.


I was at my sister’s house when she whipped one of these out that her mother-in-law had made. I needed one and I know you do too. Oh, and they are so easy and fun that you probably want to make some for your friend’s and family members for gifts.

Fabric requirements:


I used a Rollie Polie of Priscilla. Love this fabric line. I also used an old bath towel I had for the backing. You could buy terry cloth if you wanted but if you have an old towel hanging around I’d recommend using that.


Now this Rollie Polie will make about 3 dish mats, so you are welcome to cut your own fabric if you don’t want the left overs (honestly who doesn’t want left over fabric though?). The strips are 2.5″ wide and I cut them each in half making them 21.5″ long.


First you will want to decide how large you would like your mat. I decided I would want it 40″ long so I used 17 of the strips from the Rollie Polie. I pinned my strips, right sides together, and sewed a straight line. Repeat until all your strips are connected.


Once the strips have been sewn all together, you’ll want to iron it to press the seams.



I then placed my ironed strips, right sides down, on top of my old towel and trimmed it to the same size. Then pinned the edges together so I could sew it.


Sew around the edges leaving room to turn it right side. and then finish with a top stitch to give it a great finished look.

dish-mat-finishedTo finish it off, I measured out 5″ across the length of the mat and did a straight stitch in 3 places. This just adds to the quilted look and feel of the mat and also helps the layers to stay together. You could do more or less depending on the look you are going for.

dish-mat-title-2And there you have it. A great project that you are sure to love. Or a great gift that others will enjoy.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Wow! I’ve made burp cloths the same way, but never thought to make a diah mat. I love dish matsband will be doing this soon. I have a few towels tht couldstand to gain a new life. Maybe icould find some towels at the thrift store to use too. Thank you for making this tutorial

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