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The Very Busy Spider – Spider Webs


Every one of my kids has loved The Very Busy Spider, and it’s one I’ve never bored of reading.

The story is about a little spider that spends her day working away, spinning a web. Throughout the day her animal friends come along and invite her to stop working and play with them. But instead of ditching out, she keeps spinning away. She finishes the web at the end of the day and her hard work pays off when she catches a fly in her web.

Very Busy Spider Web Supplies:

  • paper plate
  • hole punch
  • twine
  • scissors
  • beads


To create our own little webs we used paper plates, twine and beads. First, cut a circle out of the paper plate, then bunch holes around the circle. The more circles, the more twine you will need. Help tie a piece of twine on and then let your kids lace the twine in and out of the holes to create their own web.


On the last lace, we added a bead to represent our little spider. Then tie off the twine and let your kids proudly display their spider web.

very busy spider web craft

Each of my kids, from 4 years old up to 10 loved making these spider webs.

These spider webs are easily turned into dream catchers by adding ribbons and feathers hanging from the bottom.

very busy spider web craft

Very busy spider book

The Very Busy Spider Webs


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  1. I love the book too! In your opening description you mistakenly say the spider finally catches a spider. You may want to change it to let newbies know that it’s a pesky fly who gets caught, love your craft and I know my students will too! TY

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