Twine Monogram & Burlap Wreaths (Porch Decor)


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I’m excited to share my Twine Monogram & Burlap Wreaths I made for my porch a few months ago. I designed this for our fall  Command™ Brand project.

porch 1



Thick twine

Burlap ribbon (plain or patterned)

Styrofoam wreath forms


Straight pins


Hot glue

Tacky glue

Large Paper mache Monogram

Command™ Brand Hooks and Strips (I used clear outdoor and a Metal on for my Door)
porch 2

porch 17

Step 1:  Wrap you Monogram letter with thick twine. I just went around and around the letter using hot glue. Pressing the twine strips together as you go…be patient. This takes some time…but comes together great!

Corners of the letters are tricky. I cut strips a few inches long to glue down on the corners and around the sides.porch 4 porch 5

Next:  Wrap your styrofoam wreath with the burlap ribbon…this is quick and makes up for all the hard twin work on the monogram!porch 3

Now for some fun and color…take material of your choice (I used blue, yellow and brown for fall) but you could use Christmas colors, spring colors…etc.)  Cut your material into 3 or 4 inch circles. Fold each circle in fourths. Then add a straight pin to the bottom folded tip and attach to your wreath. This makes a cute fabric flower. You may have to add a few more pins to press out the material and hold it in place better.porch 6 porch 8 porch 7

I love Command Hooks and Strips…cannot remember life before them! I have several hanging in my home! I used the clear outdoor  Command™ Brand hooks & Strips for my front porch windows. I love the looks of symmetry and one wreath hanging over each window.

I used the Metal (pewter) outdoor  Command™ Brand hook for my front door. It is just pretty.porch 19 porch 15

Make sure you clean the surfaces well! I followed instructions and placed my hook and left it for several hours before hanging my wreaths. This helps it adhere before holding the weight.

porch 14

For a last little touch…I added mini fabric pennants to my monogram. These added color and adorableness… I used tacky glue to tack down the pennants…a no sew project!porch 9 porch 16

porch 12

I love how my porch turned out! I’m excited to try changing out the material for the different seasons/holidays.porch 13

porch 22

porch 10 porch 11


porch 18


porch 21


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