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Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Here’s a list of age appropriate chores to help you know what to expect your kids to be able to do. A great way to give your kids opportunities to work.

Chore Chart

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I just finished reading the Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines. One of my favorite parts of the book is when Chip talks about living every day like Saturday. Growing up my dad was self-employed. We learned early on that the sooner the work was done, the sooner we could play. Sometimes that meant quitting work at 3 in the afternoon to go waterskiing. Other times it meant we worked late into the night to get a project finished up. That’s what living like every day is Saturday means to me.

We don’t have a shop to teach our children that principle of hard work in, but we do have a home. By giving our kids opportunities to work as well as opportunities to play I’m hoping to instill that same work ethic that my parents taught me. If we build upon what they already know a little at a time, when it is time for them to live on their own they will have the skills they need to keep an orderly apartment.

Age appropriate chores printable list being held by a child.

Age Appropriate Chores

Here’s a list of age appropriate chores. This list is a great way to help you know what to expect your kids to be able to do. Please take time to work along side your child and teach them your expectations for each skill.

Age appropriate chore printable - Chores your kids can do, at different ages!


Chore Charts

Use these age appropriate chores to fill in your child’s weekly job chart. Start small and add a new job in after they have mastered the previous chore. My 4 year old loves to help me sort laundry. She knows which socks are which brothers and loves to fold the dishtowels.

Job Charts

Jamie’s job charts is one of our most popular posts and with that comes the most popular question of, “what do you have your kids do?” Jamie used the above list to find chores for her children. This is one of our most asked questions. Now you can use the same list to choose what chores your children will be able to help with.

Age appropriate chores printable list


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  1. Well, I really like the ideas. True, some wouldn’t be suitable in some families, but naturally that will always be true. Having chores and eventually getting an allowance was a great learning process for me. I learned how to budget from that small pocket change. Instilling the idea of goals and a sense of accomplishment, with or without an allowance is excellent parenting. The charts are beautiful and a wonderful idea!

  2. U don’t have kids to clean up they will be doing all the jobs when they move out if parents work then that was your choice ok make the beds but come on there children xx

    1. They still need to learn the skills and how to take care of a home. Asking them to help around the house isn’t a bad thing. It teaches responsibility.

  3. Hey, I love your printable chore chart. I have used it for a while now. I wanted to double-check and make sure you are ok with me using it in my blog (with much due credit). The post about “How to keep the house clean with the kids home”. If you do not want me to use your picture please let me know. You have such good ideas maybe we could work together more in the future!

  4. I started with a list of things I had to ask for help or help others when I moved out. Cooking, laundry, organize, prioritize, shopping, balance a checkbook, understand credit cards (and interest), change a tire, check fluids in the vehicle, basic home maintenance including what you can do yourself compared to what you call a pro in for, etc.. I work on all of these with my kids before they graduate High school. Please consider adding a section or check list of skills to teach before graduation.

  5. Sounds like mom and dad gave all their chores to the kids, how many kids do you have?
    Slave labor!

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