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Magnetic Chore Charts

Magnetic Chore Charts for Little KidsMagnetic Chore Charts for Little Kids

Hello! I’m working on establishing a morning routine and chores with my 4 year old, but found that the same charts I use for my older kids just don’t work for her. Unlike her brothers, she needs pictures to help her know what she needs to accomplish.

Magnetic Chore Charts for Little Kids

The icons are simple and you can adapt them to be what you need them to be. For instance, the place setting could mean eat breakfast in your house or it might mean clear you place and put your dishes in the sink/dishwasher. There are 4 different color options available for you to download for free at the bottom of the post. There are 2 charts per page. The half page is the perfect size to fit on these galvanized metal hangings that I found at Michaels. They come with the holes and twine already to go on and are only $3.99. I found them over by the unfinished wood and project section, so I think they should have them for a while. Before you scroll down to grab them, let’s talk about these cute magnets!

Gem Stickers


I found these gem stickers at Michael’s, but don’t be fooled by the word stickers. Yes, they are sticky but the outside ring is wood with the brightly colored gems stones inside. These are the most durable stickers I’ve ever seen. To turn them into magnets I simply pressed them onto 1/2″ magnets. My original plan was to attach them with E6000, but the adhesive was strong enough to not need to bother with it.

Gemstone Magnets

They are super functional, while still looking great on our chore charts! If you aren’t able to find the fun gemstone stickers we have a great tutorial on how to make your own magnets.


Magnetic Chore Chart

If your children are a little older and able to read we have an editable chore chart in our Shoppe you can hop over and grab. It has space for 10 chores, so everything they need to get done can fit. Just open it up in Acrobat and change the chores to fit your needs.

Chore Chart With Pictures


Chore Chart With Pictures


We have many other chore charts available you may want to check out, as well as a list of age appropriate chores so you know what you can expect to add to these charts!



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  1. Hi! Where do you get the metal sheets to hang the chore charts? I love that they have the two holes in them for hanging but have no idea where to start my search to purchase.

  2. Such a cute chore chart. I am wanting to make something similar for my kids. I will totally be putting teeth brushing on there to get them ready for their upcoming pediatric dentist appointment haha. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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