Table Top Smores DIY Confession time. I pretty much hate everything about camping. The dirt, the bugs, and especially the smell of campfire without a shower nearby. But I happen to be raising boys that love dirt and fire. So we’ve come together and found the middle on this one. An evening at the park with our own tabletop s’mores roaster that is completely smokeless let’s them roast mallows and I don’t have to deal with smoke from the fire.

We’ve gotten a lot of use out of ours already this summer! I made 5 and used them as centerpieces for a dinner party, and they’ve been a hit as our contribution to summer potlucks too!

Table Top S'mores To make your own, you’ll need just these 3 supplies: shiny little pebbles, a small tin bucket, and a sterno can. While I was picking up the rocks I noticed that you can get all the supplies at the dollar store making this a $3 project. Not too shabby.

How to Make Table Top S'mores First, pour some rocks into the bottom of the bucket. Since the bucket is deeper than the sterno can, you’ll need quite a few down there to bring the sterno up. To fill up the space faster you can use larger rocks on the bottom and save the shiny pebbles for the top.

Table Top S'mores After you’ve added some rocks check to see how high your sterno sits on top.

Once its at the right height, get the sterno to sit as level as possible before you add the final rocks. Make sure you loosen the lid before you place the sterno in the bucket since its hard to get a grip when the can is spinning in the rocks.

Roast marshmallows without a campfire. Table Top S'mores Keep adding rocks to secure the sterno and keep it from tipping.

Table Top S'mores-a fun way to roast marshmallows without going camping!

Using a long match or a lighter go ahead and light the sterno can. The flame isn’t very bright, and kind of hard to see, but you can sure feel it. Be careful not to get too close!

Table Top S'mores

If you look close you can see the flame here.

Table Top Smores. Enjoy roasting marshmallows on your patio, or while entertaining. No smelly campfire!

Kabob sticks serve as our roasting sticks and I find it easier to use fudge stripe cookies in place of the traditional graham crackers and chocolate.

The flame is hotter than you think and it’s tempting to get too close. It doesn’t take long for your marshmallow to burst into flames. But really, isn’t that what s’more roasting is all about!


  1. This is a darling Idea! So easy too.

  2. how hot does the tin pail get?? clever idea and the fudge stripes are great!!

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