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100 Ideas for Summer Fun

100 Ideas for Summer Fun. This is the ultimate bucket list of things to do during the summer.

100 Ideas for Summer Fun

100 Ideas for Summer Fun

Each year I share my summer fun chart. Make sure you print one and add your ideas for summer!

Today I’m sharing 100 summer fun ideas you can pull from and add 50 to your chart. We always get so excited to do these fun activities when summer begins. Most of the time we don’t make it through our list, but it’s good to have goals right?!

I wanted to make sure the list has a little of everything. Some ideas are completely free. Others may cost a little bit more money. Some ideas will take an hour while others might take the whole day. Choose some of your favorites for you and your family to tackle this summer.

Leave us a comment and tell us what you will add to your summer fun list this year?

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Summer Fun Chart 

This chart is updated each year, so check back to get the latest version.

Summer Fun Chart


Splash Into Summer Gift Idea

How fun is this Splash into Summer Gift Idea. Love this for the last day of school or a summer birthday gift.

Ocean Floats – A Fun Summer Drink

Fruity juice, lemon soda and ice cream are all you need to make our fizzy, festive and fun Ocean Floats!

Welcome Summer Banner

Welcome Summer Banner

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