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Mother Hen Summer Survival Guide 2016

Mother Hen Summer Survival Guide 2016Mother Hen Summer Survival Guide 2016

mother hen summer series

We are thrilled to be kicking off our Mother Hen Summer Survival Guide today! We introduced this series last summer and it was a hit with moms and kids. This Mother Hen Summer Survival series is full of learning and fun activities for kids to bust summer boredom.

We are helping moms around the world survive summer with 12 weeks of themed activities, recipes, and learning games.

Our 2016 Mother Hen Summer Survival Guide Themes:

Week 1:  In the Backyard

In the Backyard Week of Activities

Week 2: The Zoo

Zoo Fun Week

Week 3:  Dr. Seuss Week


Week 4:  Exploring Art

Exploring Art Week

Week 5:  Families

family week


Week 6:  Me on the Map!

me on the map activities


Week 7:  Dinosaurs

dinosaur activities


Week 8: Eric Carle Books

eric carle crafts


Week 9:  On the Farm

on the farm activities


Week 10:  Science Fun

science fun


Week 11:  The Beach

beach activities


Week 12:  School is Cool

school activities


Be sure to follow along this summer! It’s gonna be a good one!

Mother Hen Summer Survival Guide 2016


mother hen summer survival series

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