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Farm Animal Family Game

Farm Animal Family Game

Farm Animal Family Game

Excited to share a fun family game that is perfect for outside, especially with these summer family get togethers.

Upset the Farm!

Our family loves the game Upset the Fruit Basket! It is always a hit at family parties. It’s great for a larger group of people. The kids love it and even the adults.

Farm Animal Family Game

sm farm animal 4

How to play: Print out the animal cards, cut them out and tie a string on each tag.

Assign each player an animal. For little kids, these farm animal picture tags are perfect. The kids love wearing them, and it makes it easy for them to remember which farm animal they are.

For a smaller group, just use 3 animals. For a larger group, you will want to use all 6;)

You will arrange everyone in  a big circle of chairs. But make sure there is one less chair than players. The one player without the chair will be “IT” and stand in the center of the circle. They will call out a farm animal. The farm animal that they call will need to jump up and find another seat, meanwhile the person that is “IT” will hurry and snatch a seat. The player left without a seat is now “IT.” And the game continues. We make sure each family member gets a turn to be “IT.” You can make it a rule that each player must move at least 2 seats away, instead of just sliding to the next seat on their left or right.

Another option that “IT” has, is to yell, “Upset the Farm!” In this case, EVERYONE has to get up and run to a new chair…and it’s hilarious watching everyone scramble!

Your family and friends will love these game! You can choose other themes as well, instead of animals. You can download the free printable farm animal tags below.

sm farm animal 5

sm farm animal 1

Download Here. PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE. All printables belong to The Crafting Chicks, LLP.Download BlackFor more SUMMER FUN, follow along with our Mother Hen Summer Series. We are bursting that summer boredom one week at a time! With 12 weeks of fun themed activities, lessons, games, printables, recipes and more! All at your fingertips.

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