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Tin Can Cow Bell


Howdy! It’s Bettijo here from Paging Supermom to share an easy farmyard craft and game. My husband grew up on a ranch in Wyoming, and every summer when we visit, the kids love to watch the cows. I can’t blame them, cows are pretty cute.

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This kid’s craft project is inspired by cows — we’re making a Tin Can Cow Bell. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy, and uses supplies you probably have around the house.



I created a free printable cow print wrap for tin cans. Download the template and print on paper, then raid the recycle bin, and you’re ready for some fun!


If you’ve got a bunch of tin cans you could also use these to do some Cow Can Bowling. Wrap cleaned cans in the cow print then stack them up. See who can roll a ball and knock the most down.


To make the Tin Can Cow Bell, you’ll need another tin can and the free printable cow wrap template, as well as some yarn and wood beads, or even bottle lids will work.


Poke a hole in the bottom of the decorated can with a hammer and nail. Then cut a length of yarn about three feet long. Fold it in half then tie on a couple of beads. Tie two big knots a couple inches above the beads (to keep the string from pulling through), then thread the end above the know through the hole on the tin can to create the clapper for your bell. You may need to use the nail to help you fish the yarn through the hole. Tie off the ends so the yarn won’t slide back through. Now the bell is ready to ring!

Tin Can Cowbell


Just a little secret between us moms, this Tin Can Cow Bell makes a satisfying clanging sound, but it isn’t too loud and annoying. Oh ya, you can totally thank me later!

I couldn’t resist letting you know about one more fun use for these free printable cow print wraps… they would also be super cute vases holding flowers should you ever need to throw a farm-themed
baby shower
or something. Hey, you never know, better pin this for later 😉


I’ve got a bunch more ideas for animal fun, plus check out these crafty storytime ideas, and I’m pretty sure you won’t want to miss my secret weapon to combat summer boredom.

:: Download the free printable Cow Print Wraps template

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