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Science Fun Week

Science Fun Week – Week 10 of our 2016 Summer Survival Guide!

science fun


Our Summer Survival Guide is designed to keep kids engaged during the summer and at the same time help mom’s from going completely crazy! We’ve invited talented bloggers to help create projects and snacks to go along with the theme. There is also a post completely dedicated to a book list to help your trip to the library coordinate with this weeks theme! So follow a long for a different theme every week and before you know it summer will be over!


All the posts for this week are right here! For more ideas check out our past Summer Survival Series and the other themed weeks from this year.

Science Fun Week Recap

Science Fun

science fun experiments


Cornstarch and Water Experiment

science experiment


Water Fireworks Science Experiment

Water Fireworks


Ice Cream in a Bag Science Recipe

Ingredients to make ice cream in a bag


science fun


You can find more themed weeks, like this one in our Summer Survival Guide 2016


mother hen intro 2016


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mother hen intro 3

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