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A Latte Like Christmas Easy Gift

"A Latte Like Christmas" Easy Gift is perfect for teachers, co-workers, or friends! Fill with a instant coffee package or gift card.Hi my name is Vanessa Brady (Tried & True) and I’m thrilled that The Crafting Chicks allowed me to guest post! I don’t know about you guys but even with the best intentions to plan ahead, I’m always left scrambling for cute and easy gifts that I can give my kids’ teachers and/or co-workers. This year I’m going to embrace my inevitable procrastination and just plan on putting these “A Latte Like Christmas” gifts together the morning before break!

"A Latte Like Christmas" Easy Gift - PrintThis post may contain affiliate links for your convenience and to assist in the maintenance of this site.

First things first, head over to Tried & True to download the “A Latte Like Christmas” Free Printable. It’ll print out with both the front and back on one page. Carefully cut out the shapes and adhere together with a bit of strong double-sided tape (Hercules Double-Sided Tape is my favorite!)

"A Latte Like Christmas" Easy Gift - TapeDepending on how much space you need inside the packaging, you may be able to use a thicker tape. Once the tape is down, press both sides of the paper “cup” together to create your gift envelope. All that’s left to do is fill with either a gift card to your favorite coffee shop or an instant Via Instant Latte Package. How quick and easy was this gift?!

"A Latte Like Christmas" Easy Gift - FillAll that’s left is to secure the opening flap closed with either a ribbon or tape, sign the back, and you’re ready to give this fun and practical gift to the coffee-lover in your life! I’ll definitely be sending my children to school with a few of these for their teachers but it would be equally as great for a co-worker or mail carrier. Just make sure to keep a few gift certificates on hand to pass out when you need them the most! Thanks again to The Crafting Chicks for having me and hope everyone has a great holiday season!

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  1. Can u please send me your template for the its latte like xmas coffee cup envelope, so cute but the link to it does not work 🙁

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