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Ice Cream Treat Box

Ice Cream Treat BoxHi! I am Tauni. It’s nice to meet you. I run an annual conference for craft and DIY bloggers – like The Crafting Chicks – called Snap. I also love to share fun gift ideas and goodies on my own site.

tauni headerThere are few things in the world I love more than ice cream, so when The Crafting Chicks asked if I’d join them for a bit of summer fun surrounding the frosty treat, it was a no brainer. Today I am sharing fun little ice cream treat box that comes together in just minutes!

Ice Cream Treat Box 3Would you believe that these little ice cream cone treat boxes came together in less than 10 minutes? I used my Cricut to cut and score a super-basic pie box template and a quick ice cream topper.

Don’t have a Cricut? You can definitely still create this project. I found a simple template online that you can use. I tried it out and it took me about 10 minutes to trim, score and fold the box. The ice cream topper is really easy to free hand.

Ice cream treat box 7Once I had my paper shapes all ready to go, it was just a matter of adding a little double-sided sticky tape to the boxes.

Ice Cream Treat Box 6Here’s how the box looks once you’ve pulled it together and adhered it together. Pretty basic, no?

Ice Cream Treat Box 5I added an ice cream scoop to each side so that it had a finished look no matter what side was facing up. Once they were stuck down with the tape, it’s just a matter of filling the box with little goodies.

Ice Cream Treat Box 4The ice cream treat box makes such a fun party gift or thank you. We’re using ours for end of year teacher gifts. We filled it with candy, a gift card for a trip to the ice cream parlor and a fun little gift tag that reads, “All You Need in Life is Ice Cream.”

Ice Cream Treat Box 1The tags are super-simple and could be customized to go with any gift.

All you need 2Aren’t they fun? If you’d like to have these tags for your own, you can pop over to my site and download them for free!

Ice Cream Treat Box 3

Hey Crafting Chicks, thanks for having me over to share my ice cream treat boxes!

sm mother hen ice cream

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