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Back to School Muffin Toppers

back to school muffins toppers

We go easy with our Back to School Breakfast, since the morning can be so crazy. Here is a fun thing to add to any box muffin mix to give it that fun “back to school” spin!

sm back to school muffins 1

“Back to School” Muffin toppers! You can find these mini chalkboard picks at Michaels craft store. If you can find some on a tooth pick great! I just took the long ones, and cut them down.
sm back to school muffins 4

Using a chalk marker, you can add “back to school” sayings, or even your kids’ names and the grade they will be starting.

sm back to school muffins 5

Add to the top of your muffins…for breakfast or to cupcakes for dessert! The kids will think you went all out…but it really just takes minutes.

sm back to school muffins 6

Plus mini chalkboards are extremely cute!

sm back to school muffins 2 sm back to school muffins 3

Happy Back to School! Also, check out these fun ideas below! All great for kicking off the school year.

Back to School Breakfastsm school breakfast 4

Back to School Dinnerback to school dinner-6492


First Day of School Signs
sm school signs

Days of the Weeks Tags (For labeling outfits and saving time in the morning:)sm tags 8

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