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Make Your Own Choco Tacos Shells

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Make Your Own Choco Taco Shells

Choco Tacos

What party is complete without a build-your-own type bar? None I say! Fiesta goers will love filling their own “tacos” using a Choco Taco Bar.

These Choco Taco shells are made adapting the traditional Italian Pizzelle into a dessert taco shell…so if you are traditional Italian or Mexican I’ll just go ahead and apologize right now for the disgrace I’m about to bring your traditions. But they are so good that you may be able to forgive me…I hope? Plus there are sprinkles involved. Who can be mad at sprinkles?

Pizzelle Taco Shells

How to Make Your Own Choco Tacos Shells

The key to making your own Choco Taco shells lies in a pizzelle iron. Pizzelle are crisp and buttery and can be used to make waffle cones. I use a Vanilla Pizzelle recipe, which you can turn to chocolate by adding cocoa powder.

Making Choco Taco Shells

I used my medium sized cookie scoop to get the right amount of dough on the iron. They cook really fast, in less than a minute.

Pizzelle Taco Shells

Typically the cookies are served flat. To create a taco shell we need to curve the cookie while it is still hot.

Making Choco Taco Shells

To get the right amount of curve, I laid the cookie over a wooden spoon handle and let it cool. In order to keep up with 2 cookies coming out at a time and the quick cooking time, I placed 2 wooden spoons over a metal bowl so I could shape both cookies at the same time.

Choco Taco Shells and Sprinkles

Once the cookies have cooled, trim the edges using kitchen shears to get rid of the jagged edges. Dip edges in melted chocolate chips and add sprinkles before the chocolate sets.

Choco Taco Toppings

To set up a Choco Taco Bar, set out ice cream, whipped creams, ice cream toppings, the taco shells, fiesta taco holders, and fiesta napkins.

Choco Taco Holders

Here’s our easy Choco Taco Shell recipe that you can print easily.

Choco Taco Shells
Adapted Vanilla Pizzelle recipe to create taco shells
  • 3 large eggs
  • ¾ c sugar
  • ⅜ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1¾ c flour
  • 2 tsps baking powder
  • ½ c melted butter
  • 1 pkg semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • sprinkles
  1. Beat eggs, sugar, salt and vanilla until combined.
  2. Stir in the flour and baking powder. Mix until smooth.
  3. Mix in the melted butter, stirring until smooth. The butter will be thick and soft.
  4. Heat Pizzelle Iron. Batter will thicken while it cools
  5. Cook according to direction that came with your iron.
  6. Remove and cool over a wooden spoon handle.
  7. After they have cooled trim edges with kitchen scissors
  8. Melt chocolate chips, add 1 tsp shortening if you need it thinner.
  9. Dip edges of shells in chocolate, sprinkle with sprinkles.
  10. To make chocolate batter, add ¼ c cocoa powder


Make Your Own Choco Taco Shells

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  1. Do you think I would get away with using a waffle maker? I’m Hispanic and I LOVE the idea to share with my kiddos 🙂

  2. I may have missed this, but how many does one recipe make? Trying to plan for our upcoming Cinco de Mayo party!!

    1. I just made them and they turned out great. The recipe made about 30 pizzelle. I realized that I need to curve the pizzelle with my hand while I’m trimming it and then place it over the wooden dowel or spoon to cool. The first two broke because I was trying to trim it and then curve it. Also I used a level cookie scoop and made sure to place the scoop of batter in the center of the pizzelle design made them more uniform and less to trim.

      1. I haven’t tried it, but I think you could make them a week in advance. If you just made the shells, without the chocolate and sprinkles you could freeze them and dip them in chocolate before the party.

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