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5 Ways to Bring Christ into Christmas

With all of the Holiday craziness, it is so easy for all of us to get distracted from what the real meaning of Christmas is…Christ. We are sharing 5 ideas and ways to bring the true spirit of Christ into your home this Christmas.

5 Ways to Bring Christ in Christmas…

Soft Enough for a King

We love this sweet book and set. It is called Soft Enough for a King and is a Christmas Tradition of Service that you can begin with your family. We started this with my family this week and my kids are so excited to do acts of service. Our family read the sweet story of little Abe who is doing acts of Service for others…and ultimately Jesus. This is a great way to kick off the Christmas season this week. You can read more at Softenough.com.

5 Ways to Bring Christ into Christmas soft enough 1 soft enough 2

Family Traditions

Love is what I think about when I think about Jesus. He was the perfect example of Love. A way we bring LOVE into our home during the Christmas season is through family traditions and activities. I love bringing our family together for fun outings & activities. Here are a few of our favorite traditions.

Seeing the Lights

Our family loves to go see the lights in our city and other nearby cities. It is often to cold to walk through the lights, so we go for lots of “hot cocoa and Christmas lights” drives. Here is a fun Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt that you can add to your Christmas drive this year.

Christmas-Lights-Scavenger-Hunt-PrintableGingerbread Houses with Cousins. My kids LOVE this and especially sharing this fun activity with their cousins. sm gingerbread house 4

The White Stocking for Jesus.

Not sure where we first heard of this tradition, but it has been such a great thing for our extended family on Christmas Eve. We each write down a few goals or things we need to work on in the coming year. We add these slips of paper to the “White Sock” as a gift for Jesus on Christmas Eve. Our family also looks back on the last years’ goals. We love this!sm stocking 6

Service Countdown

‘Tis the Season to Serve. Most families have some sort of Christmas Advent or Countdown that they do together each year. Try slipping these little Service Ideas into each Advent pocket or Box. We did this service countdown last year and it really helped our family to remember Jesus and how grateful we all for all we have. My kids loved getting in on the service action!

sm service list
Christmas Service Countdown sm service countdown 1

12 Days of Christmas for Someone

We just shared gift ideas for the 12 days of Christmas this week. My family finds an older woman in our neighborhood, and we leave them little goodies 12 days in a row. We love to find someone who could use a little extra love this Christmas season.

Can you imagine how happy this 12 days idea could make someone you know? Maybe someone who needs to be uplifted and loved this Christmas season. We are excited for our round this year! The kids love getting in on it…and they LOVE being my secret elves.

sm 12 days all 3 sm 12 days all 1

Display a Nativity

Our family has a Nativity we display each year. We put it in a place for all to see…and so we can remember each day what Christmas is about.

King of Kings from kiki and company 1 King of Kings Printable  You can download this free printable from our Kiki & Company to add to your Nativity Display this year.King of Kings from kiki and company 2


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