A Cup Of Cheerful Noisemakers

Happy Holidays! It’s Amy from My Name Is Snickerdoodle and I’m super thrilled to be here on The Crafting Chicks sharing my Cup Of Cheerful Noise Makers! This season I’ve helped my boys get into ‘maker’ mode and we’ve been having a great time thinking of fun creations and crafts for each of the holidays! Did you see my Kids Hand Print Wreath? One of my most cherished decorations for sure!

As my my boys are getting a little older we’ve let them stay up a little longer on New Year’s Eve. We typically pull out some of our loud toys and a few noise makers lying around to ring in the new year. They love the noisy tradition so this year I thought it would be fun to make our own!
A Cup Of Cheerful Noisemakers - A fun New Year's Eve craft
I had a few left over supplies from when I made these adorable Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornaments so we put them to good use! You truly could use what you had on hand. My boys had fun helping me fill these and of course sprinkle the glitter. And by fun, I mean they had fun making a mess and I didn’t mind one bit. I happen to love glitter everywhere!

Here is what you’ll need.
Plastic Wine Glasses
Glittered Cardstock
Glitter or Confetti
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

A Cup Of Cheerful Noisemakers - A fun New Year's Eve craft

Here are the simple instructions.
Trace circles onto the backside of the glittered cardstock and trim around slightly larger than the circle.
If the bottom of the cup comes off (like most plastic glasses) hot glue it into place.
Place some bells (I did 5) glitter or confetti into the cup.
Put hot glue around the rim of the glass and quickly place the glittered cardstock circle over the top, glitter facing up. This will keep the bells and confetti in place.
Hot glue the outside rim of the glass and immediately sprinkle with glitter. Work in small sections to make it easier.
Tie a ribbon around the base.

A Cup Of Cheerful Noisemakers - A fun New Year's Eve craft

When it’s time to ring in the New Year, even the kids have something to cheer everyone with then shake to make all the noise they want! I hope you make them and don’t forget to pin them to your holiday boards!


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