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Constellations Kid Craft

sm mother hen spacesm constellations 1

Excited to share this adorable and simple craft for kids…to kick of our Space Week as part of our Mother Hen’s Summer. My kids have loved learning and reading books this summer. This week we read “Stargazers” from Gail Gibbons. I love all of Gail Gibbons’ books.
space stargazers

After we read the book we talked more about constellations. We even went on a constellations hunt in the sky…looking for some famous constellations…and making some of our own. To make these cool constellations…all you need is:

-Black Paper

-Mini Star Punch (star stickers work too…but its nice to be able to move them around to create your constellation before gluing the stars down)

-Chalk or a white crayon

-glue stick

-Bright yellow papersm constellations

After learning about constellations, let your child have fun moving the stars around to create his/her own. This was the fun part…thinking up fun constellations we could see in the sky.

sm constellations 7sm constellations 6

After you place your stars to create the constellations, glue down the stars. You can then connect the stars with the chalk. Or you can use a white crayon.sm constellations 5sm constellations 2

It is fun to see the before and after…after you connect the dots.
sm constellations 3

Of course my map and state loving boy had to make a UTAH constellation. States are fun to make into these constellations. sm constellations 4

Thanks for stopping by today! Stay tuned for more fun Space crafts and Ideas this week!

sm mother hen space


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