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Family Service Christmas Advent

Family Service Christmas Advent

(Pottery Barn Countdown)

Our family loves to Countdown to Christmas.

I love watching how excited my kids get! This year we are trying to make our countdown more meaningful for our family. We will be doing 25 Days of Family service in our home. Each of us will serve our family members throughout the month! Can’t wait to get started today.

I wrote a little poem (below) to kick it off. I have also included free printable service cards below.

sm family service poem crafting chicksWhen I found this sweet Christmas Advent on Pottery Barn Kids, I knew it was the perfect place to add our sweet service cards. Right now it is $41 on special! & they have an extra coupon today! Grab one now! I was thrilled to find something so adorable, with so many details for such a good price. And it is so big and tall…and a pretty piece to add to our Christmas Decor.pbk adventI love the designs on this sweet Telluride Advent Calendar. I LOVE felt…and this is the cutest felt advent I’ve seen!sm pb countdownMy kids love it!!! They can’t wait to start pulling the service cards and treats from each pocket.sm family service countdown 3sm family service countdown 6After downloading the files below, you will cut the wreath service cards in in strips. Add a ribbon at the top. Gather some treats to add with the service cards. We chose York Peppermints and Candy Canes.sm family service countdown 5sm family service countdown 4

Each service card has an activity your child can do to serve a family member. These are great for any ages…even the teenagers and little ones can do them.sm family service countdown 2sm pb countdown 8

Tuck the countdown service cards in each felt pocket on the Advent.

You are all set and ready for your family to begin the Service Countdown Tradition.sm pb countdown 2sm pb countdown 5sm pb countdown 6sm pb countdown 4It’s going to be so fun to watch my kids serve our family. That really is the best gift you can give at Christmas Time! I’m excited for the peace and happiness this will bring into our home this season. Service will let the true reason for the season come into our home.sm pb countdown 3sm pb countdown 7sm family service countdown 1sm pb countdown 9sm family service countdown samplePERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE. ALL DOWNLOADS AND PRINTABLES ARE PROPERTY OF THE CRAFTING CHICKS, LLP.Download Black

Video Credit:  The Talented Heather Cluff

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  1. I love this idea!! I’ve never done an advent before, do you leave the note out when you’re done and save it for next year then??

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