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Fancy Pumpkin

This post is in partnership with Michael’s #TrickYourPumpkin sweepstakes. All ideas and opinions are my own.

How to make a fancy pumpkin

Every year my extended family has this fun huge Halloween party. There is a contest involved for the best pumpkin. I have yet to win. I have some pretty clever cousins, aunts and uncles. So when Micheal’s announced their #TrickYourPumpkin sweepstakes. I was excited to take part. Now I know my pumpkin isn’t earth shattering, but I love it. It’s fancy and gold and simple. Here’s how you can make one too.

First run to Michael’s and snag a pumpkin and this fun gold decoupage trim from the Martha Stewart line. There are all sorts of fun trims you could use, but I liked this fun fancy stuff.

Take your trim and you could always start to hot glue it right off the bat, but I wanted to make sure everything was where I wanted it, so I start by taping the trim down.



Then snag your low temp glue gun. (Make sure it’s low temp cause you don’t want to burn through your pumpkin.) Start adding small beads of glue and tapping the trim into place.


And there you have it. One fancy pumpkin for your front porch! What supplies would you snag from Micheal’s to #TrickYourPumpkin? If you’d like to enter the sweepstakes, just upload your pumpkin creations via Instagram any time between Oct. 4 through 31 for a chance to win a $250 Michaels gift card and Plaid products each Friday throughout the month of October. Make sure to use the hashtags #TrickYourPumpkin and #sweepstakes and tag @MichaelsStores to be entered to win. Good luck!

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