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Festive Halloween Porch Tricks

This is a sponsored post for Command™ Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m excited to share this post for Command™ Brand. I received a set of their outdoor hooks and created this Halloween Porch complete with fabric cobwebs and paper bats. I was excited to try these out on my stone arch because it’s hard to hang things on an arch made of stone but these hooks worked great.


Materials Needed:

3 yards of burlap or Tulle in gray

3 yards of burlap or Tulle in white

15 sheets of black cardstock (12 inches by 12 inches each)




Assorted Halloween decorations: pumpkins, wreaths, banners, etc.

Command™ Brand Large Outdoor Graphite Hooks – quantity varies based on weight of fabric used (this project uses four)

One Command ™ Brand Large Outdoor

Forever Classic Metal Hook


Note: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

(archway before)

4-arch before

Mounting the Hooks



Determine which part of your porch/arch you would like to create the web. Clean the surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Wipe gently and let dry. To attach the Command™ Brand Large Outdoor Graphite Hooks, remove the blue liner and press the adhesive to the mounting base of the hook. Remove the black “wall side” liner and press the hook to the surface for 10 seconds. For maximum holding strength, slide the hook up off the base and press firmly against the base for 30 seconds. This part was especially important for it to adhere to the stone. I found that I could only mount the hooks to the smoothly cut sides of the stone and not the rough outer surface. Slide the hook back onto its base and wait one hour before use. Repeat steps 1-4 to adhere the rest of the hooks. Be sure to follow the recommended weight claims.

Creating the Bats

1. Take one piece of 12-by-12-inch cardstock, and lovingly fold it into fourths.

6-making bats start with 12x12paper

2. Trace a half bat shape onto the paper using a pencil.

7-paper folded in fourths

3. I found the bat shape online and tried to eyeball the general shape. Remember they don’t have to be perfect because they are hanging and people won’t see their intricate details. While avoiding the fold, cut out the bat along the line. Don’t cut on the side with the fold, as it will cut the bat in half. Voila!

8-paper folded and bat traced and cut out

4. Repeat for the number of bats. I think they are so cute.

9-cut out multiple bats

Hanging the Spider Webs and Bats:

To create this look I chose a bunch of different fabrics with visual texture:  burlap, tulle, etc. You start with the piece of gray burlap, and cut the piece in half lengthwise. Make cuts into the fabric that are perpendicular to the previous cut. Then, cut a straight line into the fabric until roughly 4 inches from the end. Space each cut 4 to 6 inches apart. Since we are creating spider webs, the cuts can be rough and sloppy. Uneven, jagged edges help enhance the looks of the spider web to make it look really spooky and fun. String the burlap from one Command™ Brand Large Outdoor Clear Hooks

12-fabric folded up before cut up 16-part of the fabric cobwebs up

Hook to the other to create a banner look as the base of the spider web design. Take each of the other pieces of fabric, and cut haphazardly in strips. Begin your design of the upper spider web by hanging the strips on the remaining. Use the Command™ Brand Large Outdoor Clear Window Hooks. Begin to staple the various strips together until the whole space that you want the spider web is filled. Take a moment to step back to view the web to ensure there aren’t any gaps. Add fabric where needed to add texture and to fill in the space. Once you have all the pieces of fabric in place, staple the bats onto the fabric spreading them out evenly on the fabric. Use 1 to 2 staples per bat.

18-cobwebs almost all up 19-bats added to the cobwebs 20-close-up of bats on cobwebs

Decorating Essentials

After all the spider webs and bats are in place, fill in the area with other fun and festive decorations.

26a-wreath on door

For a simple way to decorate the door, create your own wreath! Simple wrap a piece of orange burlap around a foam wreath form, and pin one of the bats onto it. Then tie a piece of coordinating ribbon from the top of the wreath. To hang the wreath on the door using a Command ™ Brand Large Outdoor Forever Classic Metal Hook.

Fill the rest of the space with other fall-themed decorations, such as pumpkins, hay bales, and banners to make this porch festive and fun. I chose to use one of my Ric Rac and Lace Spiders from last year. I always stand back to look at a larger space to make sure there is balance in the design and that all the necessary spots are filled appropriately.

23-more pupkins on porch 29-FINISHED PORCH WIDE VIEW

Overall I LOVE how it turned out and it really opened up the possibilities for decorating in the future. I am thrilled with how it all came together with Command™ Brand






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