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Mint Themed Teacher Gift – Easy & Affordable!

Your teacher will love this fun Mint Themed Teacher Gift - what a cute way to thank a teacher for a job well done!

Well, hello again! I’m Keri from Shaken Together and I love stopping by each month to share an easy recipe, a quick craft or a seasonal gift. With Teacher Appreciation Week and the end of another school year approaching, I thought I would share a thoughtful and inexpensive gift idea that is perfect for your favorite teachers!

Mint Themed Teacher Gift

Mint Themed Teacher Gift with a cute "I was Mint to be in Your Class" paper flag!

I love love love themed gift giving! Here are a few of my favorite ways to do a themed gift:

  1. Pick a Color – For example, I found all sorts of white items to tuck in our White Christmas Teacher Gift
  2. Pick a Cute Phrase – like “Thank you for the mark you make” I used for our Sharpie Teacher Gift
  3. Pick a season, event, word or uniting idea – One of my favorites was a basket full of pampering items for hands (lotion, nail polish, nail file, etc.) for our Hands Down We Have the Best Teachers Gift

Today, I got lucky and used a cute phrase and a color!! Bonus – this gift cost less than $10, so it is affordable even if you have multiple teachers to buy for!

To make our cute mint themed teacher gift, here is what you’ll need:

Hunting down all of the minty items to fill this bucket was the best part of this Mint Themed Teacher Gift!

  • Small metal bucket (or any other small basket or container)
  • Box of Junior Mints
  • Small packet of Mint Bath Soak
  • Minty gum
  • Tic Tacs
  • Mint green nail polish – This one from Sally Hansen is even called Mint Sorbet 🙂

Here are a few more mint themed items that you can use for a Mint Themed Teacher Gift:

  • Mint lip balm
  • Mint foot lotion
  • Mint chocolate candy or truffles
  • Mint colored office supplies
  • Mint colored socks
  • Mint hot chocolate packets

The hunt to find the minty things for this gift was my favorite part … I was wandering up and down the aisles of my local Target scoping out all of the fun finds! Once you’ve tracked down everything you are going to put in the gift, just tuck everything in the bucket.

Quick tip: place the biggest items standing up vertical in the back of the bucket to create some height and a foundation to lean and tuck the other items around.

Quick Tip when filling our Mint Themed Teacher Gift - tuck the larger items vertically in the back of the bucket to create height and a foundation for the other items!

All of the minty treats and treasures tucked in our Mint Themed Teacher Gift!

Once all of the mint items were tucked in the bucket, I thought it would be cute to add a stamped paper flag with the phrase “I was mint to be in your class!”

Stamp a paper flag with "I was Mint to be in your Class" for a cute touch for the Mint Themed Teacher Gift!

To make this cute paper flag, grab a piece of mint colored scrapbook paper cut as pictured below, a paper straw (or skewer or lollipop stick), washi tape and some bakers twine. Use the washi tape to attach the paper flag to the paper straw. Then, tie a small bow around the straw with a length of bakers twine.

A few basic craft supplies make a paper flag to tuck in our Mint Themed Teacher gift!

Finally, stamp or write your minty message on the paper flag:

  • I was MINT to be in your class
  • Thank you for your commit-MINT
  • Your’e worth a MINT
  • You MINT so much to me this year

Add the paper flag and this Mint Themed Teacher Gift is ready to give! SO cute, right?!

Our Mint Themed Teacher Gift is a thoughtful and inexpensive way to say thank you to a great teacher! Perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week!

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 See you all again next month!!

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