School Lunch Ideas

School Lunch Ideas

A month of easy school lunch ideas for kids. Simple kid approved lunches that will ease the pain of going back to school.


School Lunch Ideas

Keeping the lunchbox mixed up is the best way we’ve found to keep kids eating their lunches. We’ve got a month of yummy lunches for you today. Never have a boring lunch again.


Mini Pizzas

Lunch Idea


Turkey on Rolls


Nachos with lots of dips


Yogurt Parfait


Naan and Hummus

Lunch Ideas


Turkey Sandwich on a Mini Plain Bagel

school lunch ideas



Naan Dippers with Pizza Fixings



Build your own ham and cheese stackers



Turkey sandwich on white bread



Sandwich Kabobs

Sandwich kabobs



Turkey Pinwheels



Smiley Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich

School Lunch Ideas



PB&J  and Strawberry Kabob



Turkey sandwich on a mini bagel



Dino Sandwiches



Mustache Man Sandwich

mustache sandwich



Build your own sandwich stackers with naan dippers



Turkey and cheese wrapWrap lunch


Butterfly Sandwich



Mini muffins, veggie kabobs, bananas and apples



Yogurt, berries and granola



Turkey sandwich on a mini bagel with tomato and cheese dippers

Mini Bagel and Caprese Dippers



Breakfast for lunch



Butterfly sandwich



Trail mix and veggies



Ham sandwich kabobs

Sandwich Kabobs



Eggs, berries and veggies



Italian Pasta Salad



Chips and salsa



Sandwich kabobs, eggs and berries

Protein packed lunch



Must have lunch supplies

lunch supplies needed for kids school lunches



School Lunch Ideas



School Lunch Ideas

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  1. Thank you for some awesome ideas! My 9 year old son has Autism and he is a very picky eater. I am trying to introduce different varieties of food to his diet. I am going to try many of these. Hopefully he’ll enjoy them!

  2. My kids just asked if I could prepare for them because the school lunch is disgusting, I was at a loss for what to prepare,, these options made it so easy for me. Much thanks.

    1. Kerry!
      I’m so happy to hear that. Our kids feel the same way about school lunch. They would much rather prepare one of these from home. Good luck!

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