DIY Flower T-Shirts

Oh, I have been dying to make one of these DIY Flower T-Shirts for almost a year. I even found two shirts at Target for $1.98 each, (Ah, how I love Target. Like Kirsten said before, we aren’t even being paid for these endorsements, but we do love the place.)  These shirts having been hanging out in the bottom of my “to-do craft” pile. I finally got a vision for what I wanted and got working.

Here is what you will need:supplies needed for flower t-shirt

  • 2 of the same t-shirts (If you are going to do this with a friend, I would suggest just buying 3 shirts and getting one as large as you can so you can share the fabric from it.)
  • a needle and thread
  • scissors
  • tulle (I did mine in a matching color, but do what you like.)

 using circles to make flowers for a t-shirt

First off, I found something round (my handy rice cooker measuring cup) that was the size I wanted for my flowers. (I made circle flowers, but you could really use any shape. I have seen hearts or stars as well.)

Then I cut the circles out and did the same thing with my tulle. I actually made a template out of construction paper for the tulle.

I cut out two fabric pieces  and one  piece of tulle for each flower I wanted. I wanted my flowers to have the fun contrast of the tulle in between so that is where I put that piece. I think it might be fun to add another layer of tulle or you could do more layers of the fabric flowers if you wanted.

how to lay the circles on the shirt for flowers

Then I laid the circles down on my shirt to get the spacing the way I wanted. I don’t think you can go wrong here. I would just place them where you want. I guess I should mention that you probably want an odd number of flowers. It will look better aesthetically.

How to pin your circles on t-shirt for flowers

Now I have to admit, I am not a huge pinner, but it made this project so much easier. So go ahead and grab those pins and put those flowers in their place.

sewing on the circle flower with a round stitch

To secure my flowers to the shirt, I used a straight stitch in a circle shape. I used a lighter color for the thread cause I liked the contrast and the circle gave the flower a cute shape.

Sew all your flowers onto your shirt and in no time you will have…

finished circle flower t-shirt

I can’t beleive how quickly this came together and it really didn’t cost me much at all to make. I am so excited to have another fun cute t-shirt!

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  1. I’m so pleased to see that I’m not the only one who uses any and all circular objects to trace circles. I use the weirdest things sometimes!

    So cute! I love the tulle/material combo. And I AM a pinning girl so maybe we could get together and even each other out. Not pinning gives me heart failure. (and usually project failure….which is why I always do it!)

  2. BECKAROOOOOOOOO!!!!! Pretend I am shouting your name at the top of the treetops!! SO DARN CUTE. I want to make one asap, what a cute shirt!!!

  3. I am so going to make one of these. I am going to the store to get the stuff today!!!:) I love how your flowers turned out.

  4. I have been lurking for quite some time now but just had to comment on this one. I bought four of those $1.98 shirts at Target last week and almost bought one of the pricier ones with the collage flowers but thought to myself “I can make something like this”…although I have zero experience sewing and had no idea how I would go about such a project, so this tutorial was totally meant for me! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. Okay I LOVE that. I need to find someone to do it with me so we can split a shirt. This is on my immediate to do craft list.

    I wanted to let you know that I am featuring your minky baby blanket tomorrow from the Christmas in July linky party.

    Thanks again for stopping by. My last party starts tomorrow and I would love for you to link up any of your other great gift ideas!!!

  6. So, so, SO cute! I love that is is easy, but looks so fancy and complicated! 🙂 I am filing this at thecraftersfilebox.com ’cause I don’t want to forget this one! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I feel like I got to take a peek behind the wizard’s curtain because I saw that project in real life before posting. WOO. Such a cute shirt…even though I could not be counted on to sew my way out of a paper bag. For reals.

  8. I love how your flowers turned out. I have been wanting to try a project like this and have looked at so many different ideas, but I always wonder how will it wash? Did you cut t-shirt material and flowers hold up in the wash or did you hand wash the shirt? Thanks for all the fun and great ideas.

    1. Andrea-I haven’t washed it yet. I went back and forth on prewashing or not and ended up just doing it without the washing.

      That being said, I think if you wash and hang dry you can form the flowers the way you want. Good luck and email us the picture if you make one! I would love to see it!

  9. Love, love, love it. Found some cheapy shirts @ Charlotte Russe & thought of you. This is definitely on my TO DO list. Miss you. You’ve been busy apparently. 🙂

  10. This is so cute, and looks so easy. I’m featuring it on my new blog tutorialsandpatterns.blogspot.com. Grab a “featured” button if you want.

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