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My little 5 year old boy loves Ninja Turtles.  For his playgroup this month, we had to make some DIY Ninja Turtle Ornaments!  It was so easy and fun!

sm ninja turtle ornaments 4

Supplies you need to make Ninja Turtle Ornaments:

Green ornament balls (I found a big plastic tote of them for 4.97 at Walmart!)

Ribbon 1/2 in wide in Blue, Red, Orange, & Purple (Found at Michaels Craft Store)

Hot Glue or Elmer’s Glue

& Google Eyes (ones that fit inside your ribbon)

If you do Large ornament balls, you will of course want wider ribbon and bigger eyes:)
sm ninja turtle ornaments 1

Just string glue around the middle of the ornament ball.  Slowly add your ribbon leaving a 3 inch piece on each end.  Tie the two 3 inch piece ends together  in a double knot.  Add google eyes!

sm ninja turtle ornaments 2

You have some adorable Ninja Turtle ornaments & a happy little boy (or girl!)  We even made a mini tree for my little boys room!  Such a fun craft activity and a hit with little ones!

sm ninja turtle tree sm ninja turtle ornaments 3 sm ninja turtle tree 2


  1. Oh my gosh how cute! I have always loved the turtles so I may have to make some of these!


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  16. Lindsay Riggins Says: December 7, 2015 at 11:56 am

    What size balls did you use with the 1/2 inch ribbon?

  17. Used photo corners instead of glue to secure the ribbon and adhesive eyes and it became a no glue project so easy it was crazy

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