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4th of July I Spy Game

When we think about the 4th of July, we can’t even decide what our favorite part is? Going to a parade (ok, Amber loves that part, Danetta hates it), all the great food that gets BBQ-ed that evening, hanging out with friends watching fireworks, watching the kids have fun outside all day, swimming all afternoon, there are too many good things about the 4th! We (Amber and Danetta from Fun-Squared) just love celebrating the 4th of July. Today we’ve got a simple way that you can keep those kids happy while they wait for the fireworks or wait for a parade. It’s a free printable 4th of July I Spy Game:

It’s cute and festive and fun and all you’ve got to do is print it and let them play! Then they will hunt for various patriotic icons like The Statue of Liberty or the American Flag. Also some fun things like hot dogs and popsicles.

This 4th of July I Spy Game is perfect for little kids-think like preschool or Kindergarten age kids. It’s pretty easy but should keep them happy while they hunt for all things patriotic!

Want to print it and play with your kiddos?


4th of July I Spy Game:

All you need to do to play this game is print it. Then grab crayons or markers and let the kids play!

Here’s a PDF that you can print the game from:

I Spy Game for the 4th of July


And here’s a little peek at what they’ll be doing.

We’ve got a few things they need to find:

and a few things they will count up:  

Couldn’t be easier for you right? Print this up and get playing!

And have FUN celebrating America and the 4th of July! There’s not much better is there? We’d love to hear what your favorite part is!


Grab this free printable 4th of July I Spy game to play with the kids while you wait for the fireworks or the parade to start.


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