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Apple Donuts

Not just teachers like apples, kids will go crazy over these apple donuts at your Back to School Party! Here’s how you can make your own.

Back to school party, apple donuts on serving tray


  • Unglazed Donuts
  • Stick Preztels
  • Green Tootsie Rolls

I baked donuts using a donut pan from Wilton and this Vanilla Glazed Baked Donut Recipe from Easy as Apple Pie.  I checked with our bakery to see if it is possible to buy unglazed donuts to use (if you don’t feel like making donuts) and they said if you order in advance they would leave them unglazed to use. So there’s that option.

Dipping apple donuts

Once the donuts were baked and cooled I followed the vanilla glaze recipe and dyed it red and green. Dip the top of the donut into the glaze and set on a cooling rack to let the drips drip.

Donuts dipped in glazeDonuts dipped in red and green glaze

Pretzels and tootsie rolls stem and leaf for apple donuts

While the glaze is setting, prepare the stem and leaves for the apples. Break pretzel sticks in half and mold little leaves out of green Tootsie Rolls.

Apple donut with stem

Add a stem to the top by inserting a pretzel into the donut.

Red apple donuts with leaf and stem

Add leaves to the top of the stem.

Red and green apple decorated donuts

Look how cute they turned out! They were perfect for our Back to School Party, you can find all the details for the party including the printable backdrop, and ruler runner on our site.

back to school party, back to school family dinner

Apple Donuts for Back to School Party

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